The safe, simple, seamless migration to Salesforce
that puts you squarely in the driver's seat.

Pivotal and Salesforce

Masters of Both Platforms
Deliver the Perfect Tool

The Pivotal-Salesforce Connector is a middleware tool with pre-built connections to Pivotal and Salesforce that allow for easy implementation of bi-directional data integration. We built the connector for some of our Pivotal customers who wanted our help migrating to Salesforce, and we provided that help in a way we believe no other partner can. With perhaps the most experienced team of Pivotal engineers across the globe, a robust internal Salesforce practice-we fully appreciate the complex ins and outs of both platforms.

This makes us ideally suited to delivering Salesforce migrations that
are safe, simple, seamless, and (perhaps surprisingly) stress free.

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Pivotal-Salesforce Connector

What’s in it for your business?

Run Applications in Parallel

Only you know the best speed to transition users to their new platform, and we won't rush you—rest assured that with the Pivotal-Salesforce Connector, you can run Pivotal as well as Salesforce in 'parallel processing' for as long as you think you need to.

Gradually Transfer Users

You know your teams, and the users that makes them up. You also know different teams and individuals use your CRM platform in different ways and to different degrees. The Pivotal-Salesforce Connector allows you to incrementally migrate users to the new platform at the speed and in the way that's best for them—and your business.

Safely Migrate from One Application to Another

Your CRM platform holds a goldmine of customer and related data for your business, so changing from one platform to another can be scary. The Pivotal-Salesforce Connector ensures that the safety and security of your data and your business come first at every step of the process—letting you decide the speed of migration, how long to run parallel operations, what tests should be run (and for how long) prior to cut-over, and finally, when to move your users and operations exclusively to the new platform.

Simplify Field Mapping

Data mapping can easily become the sticking point in any extensive migration process, but it doesn't have to be. The Pivotal-Salesforce Connector allows for easy mapping of most fields using Excel or Google Sheets. If complex mapping is required, it can be coded in C# as a Pivotal custom server task.

Know You're Always Using the Latest Data

Running two platforms in parallel only works if they communicate well. Bi-directional sync functionality in the Pivotal-Salesforce Connector ensures that as soon as information is updated or modified in either system—Pivotal or Salesforce—it's changed in the other as well, in near-real-time.

This connector isn’t simply one among the myriad cookie-cutter bridging options available to companies considering a move from a legacy CRM system to Salesforce; it’s a custom-crafted differentiator built by global leaders in both solutions who know the ins and outs of those systems forward and backward.

—User & Client Migration Manager

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Pivotal-Salesforce Connector

Features & Functionality

Two-Way Sync

Automatic, bi-directional, near-real-time sync using Pivotal scheduled script service means every time a data point is changed in one platform, it’s also changed in the other, so you know you’re always using the most up-to-date information.

Data Logging

Built-in logging and error handling can deliver information into a file or SQL database table, so you can create automated queries within SQL server to pull errors rather than searching through log files.

Field Mapping

Straightforward data mapping in the Pivotal-Salesforce Connector allows for easy mapping of most fields using only Excel or Google Sheets. If complex mapping is required, it can be coded in C# as a Pivotal custom server task.

Unlimited Synced Objects

While running time may be affected by the number of synced objects, there is no limit on the number of objects that may be synced between the two platforms.

Lightweight Connection

The Pivotal-Salesforce Connector communicates with Salesforce using its REST API, taking advantage of its simple HTTP calls for inter-machine communication rather than using more complex options.

Flexible Data Transfer

With the Pivotal-Salesforce Connector, the originating system can pull data from multiple objects/tables and place the results into a single object or table. Dropdown fields allow you to select which Pivotal tables and fields you want to map.

Records Filtering

The Pivotal-Salesforce Connector interface allows you to easily filter which records you do and do not want to transfer (i.e., you could limit the transfer to only closed opportunities, companies in New York, etc).