Distribute and track opportunities throughout the customer journey.
Gain insights to create tailored messages and irresistable experiences.

Pivotal Connector for Marketo

Extend Pivotal,
Optimize Automation

Every business wants maximum functionality from every software product they use—that’s why we’ve built the Pivotal Marketo Connector. Marketo—now part of the Adobe family of products—boasts multiple rankings in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Lead Management, capable of unifying all digital marketing channels. Industry award-winning Pivotal CRM was built from the ground up around the idea that your CRM should reflect and map to the way you do business—not the other way around. The Pivotal Marketo Connector combines these two dynamic solutions to bring you one incredibly agile, robust tool for customer contact and long-term management.

Pivotal Marketo Connector

What’s in it for your business?

Transformative Analytics

Pivotal’s business intelligence (BI) tools help users analyze data to find patterns and trends in customer behavior. The Pivotal Marketo Connector brings this capability into marketing campaigns, so teams can track the success of current projects and plan smarter for future outreach.

Faster Response Times

With greater insight into customer activity, marketers can more quickly distribute and track leads with sales teams, jumpstarting the sales process and reducing lag time. Additionally, automation boosts data quality and helps ensure against lost or forgotten leads, so you’re always up-to-date on the latest progress.

Higher User Adoption

Now, users don’t have to abandon their trusted and proven Pivotal CRM software when they want to utilize the features of Marketo—by allowing them to effortlessly connect their efforts across both systems, then save and adjust their work as needed, the Pivotal Marketo Connector provides the usability required to ensure your teams don’t just install the solutions—they integrate them into their daily routines.

Detailed Lead Tracking

With access to client contact information and the ability to monitor their activity across each project, marketers can now track and analyze leads from a variety of sources including cold calls, website clicks, email marketing, inbound marketing, social media, and events, for a 360-degree view of branding success.

Bi-Directional Synchronization

As soon as a file is updated or modified, it’s changed in real-time in both Pivotal and Marketo. This is especially beneficial when tracking leads, as it affords instant insight into customer activity and the steps leading to buyer conversion, helping marketers see what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be tweaked to maximize reach.

Pivotal Marketo Connector

Features & Functionality

Two-Way Sync

Automatic synchronization means the connector updates elements like lists to incorporate new records as they’re added in each system. Leads can even be set up to generate automatically in Marketo as they’re created in Pivotal.

Post-Sync Updates

After every update, the Marketo dashboard provides a visual overview of all changes, quickly showing users what’s new on the application. Similarly, the Pivotal dashboard clearly identifies changes made since the user’s last visit.

Poll-Based Sync

The Pivotal Connector for Marketo features a configurable setting that enables time-based synchronization based on custom intervals. Regardless of the time interval or duration set, the feedback and synchronization is nearly instant.

Lead Scoring & Nurturing

As leads are integrated from Marketo into Pivotal, they’re automatically assigned a “lead score” from Marketo based on how their interests intersect with those of the company, and their likelihood of conversion.

Data Logging

As information and insights are shared between Marketo and Pivotal, automatic data logging tools keep track of all changes, helping to show exactly what transferred.

Duplicate Check

Built-in duplicate check tools make sure the same lead isn’t entered twice in either Pivotal or Marketo to avoid confusion and overlap. If for any reason you need both records—that’s OK too.

Field Mapping

The Pivotal Marketo Connector features a flexible field mapping mechanism that allows Marketo fields to be mapped to Pivotal fields as required, and vice versa, even supporting custom fields.