Join two powerhouse sales applications with a
single solution that boosts productivity & revenue.

Pivotal-Gmail Connector

Boost Productivity,
Drive Sales Revenue

Every business wants to get the most from every software product they use—that’s why we’ve built a connector linking Pivotal and Gmail. With data showing sales reps spend nearly a third of their time on email, it makes perfect sense to link email and the other piece of software they rely on most for sales—CRM. If your sales team uses Gmail for email and calendaring, and also uses Pivotal CRM, Tokara’s Pivotal-Gmail Connector provides a simple, efficient way to link these two powerhouse applications to streamline the sales process, boost productivity, and drive sales revenue.

See It for Yourself

Use Pivotal to send emails through Gmail, schedule events, and see them on your Google calendar.

(Drag the red vertical bar to the right to see the Pivotal interface, and to the left to see the item in Gmail.)

schedule events in pivotal see events in Google calendar

Write & Send Emails in Pivotal

See Sent Emails in Gmail

Schedule Events in Pivotal

See Events in Google Calendar

Connecting Pivotal and Gmail

What’s in it for your business?

pivotal connector for gmail image

Use Gmail Functionality from within Pivotal

Enable your sales team to use Pivotal to send emails through their Gmail account, schedule meetings and appointments with contacts/leads in their Google calendar, and view their Google calendar.

Boost Productivity

Enable your sales team to save time and produce more—accessing Gmail functionality from within Pivotal—while also eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone duplicate data entry required when CRM and email systems are not fully integrated and synced.

Drive Sales

Boost sales by giving your teams true centralized access to all of the accurate, up-to-date client and prospect contact, communication, and meeting/activity information they need to nurture and close sales—including Gmail email and calendaring functionality and details—all from within the Pivotal interface.

Improve Data Accuracy

Reduce the risk of bad data making it into your systems—potentially jeopardizing customer and prospect relationships and sales—by removing the requirement for error-prone duplicate data entry between CRM and email systems.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Ensure your sales team is relying on the most up-to-date, accurate customer and prospect information when they communicate and interact by enabling them to access Gmail email and calendaring functionality (and associated information) from within Pivotal.

Pivotal Connector for Gmail

Features & Functionality

Gmail Email

Enable users to send emails through their Gmail account from within Pivotal.

Gmail Event Scheduling

Enable users to schedule meetings through Google calendar from within Pivotal.

Gmail Calendaring

Enable users to view their Google calendar from within Pivotal.

Gmail Tracking

Not only can Pivotal send emails through Gmail, it can track them too.