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The Homebuilder Solution

“Tokara Homebuilder CRM is a flexible, complete CRM solution allowing us to track the full customer lifecycle all in one app instead of supporting 4 or 5 separate systems!”

—Ron Frissora, CIO, M/I Homes

Homebuilder CRM + M/I Homes Case Study

Homebuilder CRM Marketing Automation & Sales Functionality

Builders asked for
end-to-end functionality.
We listened & delivered.

homebuilder crm functional modules

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Homebuilder CRM Marketing

WIth a robust software solution custom-built for the industry, we check the box on every homebuilder marketing crm requirement. Execute simple, effective online campaigns with a CRM seamlessly integrated with your website. Leads flow directly into your CRM system, streamlining the process of capturing, nurturing, and converting prospects into closed deals.

Homebuilder CRM Sales

Developed in partnership with top builders, we've built the best homebuilder sales software in the industry. Instantly equip your salespeople with every piece of information they need on each homebuyer and prospect, and every interaction they've had with your company. Boost productivity with suggested "next steps" to convert prospects, and send real-time updates on where prospects are in the sales process.

Homebuilder CRM Contracts

Clarify and streamline the potentially stressful contractual elements homebuyers will need to negotiate, giving them simple, straightforward tools to help them select their plan and lot, choose their options and upgrades, and create contracts and change orders.

Homebuilder CRM Financial Calculators

Simplify financial questions from homeowners with easy-to-use monthly payment estimate calculators; downpayment, closing cost, and refinance calculators; and “Rent vs. Buy” comparison calculators.

Homebuilder CRM Plat Maps

Using built-in plat map integration, create simple, straightforward, interactive plat maps showing real-time plat/lot availability status. Easily customize the plat maps with options to add lot-specific notes and details, and choose/adjust graphic elements.

Homebuilder CRM Option Selection

Enable homebuyers to make decisions on their own and at their own pace, providing them with online access to self-service option selectors for available housing, along with associated cost quotes for elements such as structural configurations, exterior materials, fixtures, finishes, and more.

Homebuilder CRM Warranty/Service

Continue to strengthen trust and connection with homebuyers well after after closing, monitoring the warranty process quickly and efficiently to resolve any issues that arise. Know the the right person to send to do the work, receive status updates on its progress, and incorporate customer feedback to refine your process and build your brand's reputation.

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Homebuilder CRM + M/I Homes Case Study

Homebuilder CRM 'Test Drive'

Homebuilder CRM Interview at IBS/NAHB

Converting More Leads to Sales

Builders Challenged to Engage and Retain Prospects

As a homebuilder, you know how to craft beautiful, high-quality homes that buyers find irresistible. But you also know converting more leads to closed deals requires engaging and retaining a highly-connected, tech-savvy customer base. This new era of homebuilder sales and marketing is all about the customer and your ability to deliver more than products, services, and information. To move a prospect to a lead and then a customer, you will need to deliver consistent, seamless, authentic, and engaging customer “experiences” in every place (and device) a prospect might be interacting with you, during every stage of the customer journey. This is precisely what Tokara’s Homebuilder CRM software allows you to do.

homebuilder crm solution built on pivotal and salesforce platforms

Built on Builder-Trusted CRM Platforms

Homebuilder Suite Offered on Salesforce & Pivotal

We developed Homebuilder CRM with an unyielding commitment to provide the highest level of service and support to our customers. Having deep expertise in both Salesforce and Pivotal CRM platforms helps us do that. We are the premier (and largest) Pivotal partner in North America, and our consultants have worked on hundreds of Pivotal projects, specializing in the homebuilding industry. Our CRM consultants also maintain top Salesforce certifications and a robust Salesforce practice. We also partner with our sister organization (Stratus360), one of the top Salesforce Platinum Partners in North America. We offer the Homebuilder software on both trusted CRM platforms to make certain our customers have an industry-specific solution that perfectly meets their unique needs.

Partnering with Homebuilders

Yields True Custom Homebuilder CRM

Tokara’s team of CRM consultants has decades of experience helping homebuilders make the most of technology to gain competitive advantage. But the speed of advancement and proliferation we see today in social, mobile, and digital technologies fundamentally changes the game for both builders and buyers, and makes CRM software a “must have.” We’ve taken our industry and CRM expertise and partnered with homebuilders like you who know every component an ideal homebuilder CRM solution would have to deliver. We listened to your pain points and addressed them all in developing the only fully-integrated, end-to-end CRM software suite custom crafted to meet the unique and challenging requirements of homebuilders.

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Building Strong Foundations for High-Value Customer Relationships

Homebuilder CRM + M/I Homes Case Study

Homebuilder CRM 'Test Drive'

Homebuilder CRM Interview at IBS/NAHB

Homebuilder CRM Selection Criteria

Homebuilder CRM for New Home Consultants

Customer Care with Homebuilder CRM

Homebuilder CRM for Sales

CRM Management with Homebuilder CRM

CIO Overview of Homebuilder CRM

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