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Dealing with the Data Dilemma

What to Do with Too
Much of a Good Thing

Businesses in every industry are increasingly aware that accurate, actionable organizational data may be the single most critical driver of long-term, sustainable growth and success. Yet for most, the lightning-fast technology advances delivering ever-more data to their organizations are—paradoxically—something of a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, they have ever-greater access to better data, acquired more quickly, able to fuel more efficient and profitable operations. On the other hand, they watch as more software on more platforms churn out ever-more data, increasingly at risk of being siloed, fragmented, conflicting, outdated, or endlessly duplicated. They are finding, in short, that more data does not necessarily mean more valuable data.

Data Distrust

A Grave C-Level Concern

A recent global data management benchmark study by credit reporting agency Experian underscores the gravity of the situation (click to access report).

Among surveyed U.S. organizations, respondents indicated they believed fully a third of their customer and prospect data was in some way “inaccurate,” prompting 89 percent of surveyed C-level executives to acknowledge that inaccurate data was undermining their organizations’ ability to provide an excellent customer experience. Eighty-four percent noted that the increasing volume of data collected within their organizations was also “making it difficult to meet regulatory obligations.”

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Tokara + Profisee Partnership

Fast, Affordable,
Scalable MDM

As industry-leading technology consultants and engineers, the Tokara team enjoys a close partnership with leading MDM solutions provider Profisee. Ranked again by Gartner as an MDM leader in its "2020 Master Data Management (MDM) Magic Quadrant" report, Profisee's scalable, next-generation platform simplifies MDM, quickly delivering superior user experience and uncompromising performance in all the areas that clients need to maximize the value of their data.

Stewardship & Governance

Includes a robust stewardship and governance technology facilitating the "people" work of data stewards/stewardship community, acting under the direction of a governance function.

Golden Records Management

Includes the creation and management of "golden records" that provide the organization with a single master view of their data as well as pre-configured cleansing, verification, matching, and survivorship functionality, and scalability to hundreds of millions of records.


Includes easy-to-configure (and use) functionality that accelerates implementation via codeless integration of master data between business systems, data services, and the platform with either batch or real-time processing—use out-of-the-box connectors or Integrator's pluggable connector framework to build your own.

Enterprise Workflow

Includes the engine to facilitate and enforce business-defined stewardship processes, increasing stewardship productivity and shortening cross-functional stewardship processes while serving to automate the overall solution to accelerate business agility.

SDK/Custom Applications

Includes Profisee's SDK framework to facilitate the integration of master data into every aspect of the enterprise—choose custom development using a comprehensive .NET library or generate simple REST or SOAP web services to make master data searchable and editable from any application, create and embed fully functional master data interfaces into applications, or integrate with your Enterprise Service Bus.

Event Management

Includes easy-to-use functionality linking changes to internally- or externally-generated master data to trigger events able to initiate real-time data integrations or workflows, or to distribute messages to other enterprise applications.
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[Profisee leads with strengths in] market understanding, vision and mind share. Profisee has identified a gap in the market for companies looking to get started with MDM and seeking an easy-to-use, cost-effective and rapidly deployed MDM solution at a consumable price point—a need also reflected in [3X increase in] Gartner client inquiries. In support of this vision, Profisee also offers a pure starter solution—Essentials—that can be later upgraded to an enhanced enterprise solution via the switch of a license key.

—Gartner 2020 MDM Magic Quadrant Report

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[Profisee leads with strengths in] cost and speed of deployment. Customers report an easy-to-understand pricing model, an economically priced offering and favorable TCO. All this, combined with shorter implementation time frames, makes for a solid proposition in support of Profisee’s vision to service the unpenetrated MDM market. Profisee has more implementations taking under three months than any other vendor in this Magic Quadrant.

—Gartner 2020 MDM Magic Quadrant Report

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"Thanks to the influx of customer data from social media, e-commerce and mobile devices, companies have more data on their consumers than ever before. Yet, without the means to act on this data—or extract meaningful insights—businesses are struggling to understand their customers any better than they did in generations past."

—"4 Keys to Closing the Customer Experience Gap," Harvard Business Review

"Companies in the early stages of digital transformation demonstrate—almost without exception—talent gaps that will need to be filled using appropriately-skilled contingent workers or contractors to effectively move them forward ... as they work in parallel to develop talent from within."

—MIT Sloan School of Management, "Moving Digital Transformation Forward"