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Improve Sales & Marketing Synergy

Track leads “after the click” with detailed analytics on every interaction that enable you to send precisely the right message at exactly the right time and instantly notify sales about actionable engagement events.

Boost Brand Authority & Engagement

Write, design, manage and publish blogs with ease, setting permissions to allow team collaboration and guest blogging, tracking and boosting content engagement with social media widgets for sharing and following.

Make Smarter, Faster Business Decisions

Make key decisions with accurate, relevant data based on user behaviors and engagement, prioritizing campaign metrics and generating custom performance reports.

Identify & Convert More Qualified Leads

Identify even anonymous website visitors, assigning unique tracking identifiers and applying behavioral-based monitoring/reporting to understand intent and pain points to better target and customize content.

Boost Efficiency & Decrease Integration Time

Seamlessly integrate with your preferred CRM platform, keeping data up to date with instant two-way synchronization.

Increase Landing Page Conversions

Quickly build powerful landing pages and landing page funnels that work to move visitors to qualified leads, adapting pre-designed landing page templates or using simple point-and-click editors to create pages from scratch.

"Thanks to the influx of customer data from social media, e-commerce and mobile devices, companies have more data on their consumers than ever before. Yet, without the means to act on this data—or extract meaningful insights—businesses are struggling to understand their customers any better than they did in generations past."

—"4 Keys to Closing the Customer Experience Gap," Harvard Business Review

Tokara’s SharpSpring Marketing Automation Consultants Deliver

Features & Functionality

Email Marketing

Create striking emails in real-time with the “what you see is what you get” email designer. Enjoy dynamic email marketing automation. Simplify workloads with an email marketing template library.

Marketing Analytics

Track email success all the way to bottom-line ROI. Automatically track visitor conversions from the moment they first visit your site through the final sale. Track campaign metrics and get robust keyword data.

Dynamic Forms

Easily create forms that look and feel like the rest of your site. Integrate native and 3rd-party form builder software and 3rd-party CRMs with built-in mapping tools. Create custom fields to collect data points.

Visitor Identification

Identify anonymous web visitors with VisitorID. Track known leads, notifying sales when funnel leads return to your site or engage with content. Automatically send all leads and opportunities directly to email.

Dynamic Landing Pages

Enjoy a WYSIWYG landing page builder for point-and-click addition of landing page features. Personalize landing pages with dynamic content that adjusts based on who users are, what they like, and what they do.

Automation Workflows

Build visual automation workflows based on buyer journeys, using branching logic to follow the paths your customers actually take. Improve conversion with lead nurturing and scoring.

Social Marketing

View planned content within a comprehensive content calendar, including social, emails, and blogs. Publish across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, publishing fresh content or scheduling posts for future dates.

Lead Management

Attract buyers, nurture them, and deliver win-ready leads to sales. Drive more “top-of-funnel” activity. Improve lead quality, scale campaign execution, help sales close deals, and measure your results.

Mobile Marketing

Weave mobile experiences into campaigns for deeper relationships, reaching users as the individuals they are. See the big “cross-channel” picture, using comprehensive analytics for decision making. Increase retention by reconnecting with users.

Revenue Attribution

Capture data from every customer interaction so you can base decisions on accurate, timely information. Leverage tailored insights with sophisticated attribution models. Enjoy flexible reporting designed to meet your specific needs.

Account-Based Marketing

Put people and experiences at the center of your strategy regardless of company size. Leverage account insights and profiling that enable collaboration with sales and identification of the right target accounts based.

Predictive Content

Give customers content they want automatically. Boost results and ROI with predictive recommendations. Learn what’s working and what isn’t to refine and optimize your content creation and delivery strategy.

Sales Connect

Drive more pipeline faster with sales- and marketing-coordinated engagements. Increase sales productivity by accurately identifying the best prospects. Coordinate marketing “aircover,” partnering to drive consistency and best practices.

Insights & Profiling

Collaborate on a shared strategy with sales and identify the right target accounts using data and AI—manage them from one place with speed, ease, and confidence. Use fit, intent, and enriched engagement data to view and fully understand each account.

Tokara Solutions was a key partner in our CRM upgrade project as well as our marketing automation deployment—they delivered a superior project on time and on budget.

Ginelle DavidsonMIS Director, Kantar Retail

Tokara is just a great company with great people who really know marketing automation!

Brian SutterDirector of Marketing, Wasp Barcode Technologies

I have engaged Tokara on several marketing automation projects—our expectations were always met or exceeded, and their team is great to work with!

Jason RussellIT Director, Informatics

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Resources & References


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