As leading SugarCRM consultants, we’ll let the platform do the work for your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service teams! From startups to mid-size businesses to enterprise organizations, customers call SugarCRM the best – it is ranked #1 for CRMs by Software Reviews.

Let the platform do the work.

Tokara Solutions is a firm that augments SugarCRM’s award winning technologies with a consulting team that averages close to two decades of CRM implementation experience.  If you are currently considering fundamental changes to your CRM strategies, utilizing Tokara Solutions’ vast knowledge is an excellent first step!


More Marketing, Less Reporting

From Attracting to Connecting, Let the Sugar Market Platform Do the Work


More Selling, Less Clicking

Build lasting relationships and win more deals. Paint a clear picture of customers with a complete understanding of their past, present, and future. Create extraordinary customer relationships with the most intelligent sales automation solution on the market.


More Serving, Less Hassle

Give customers the support they need quickly and confidently. SugarCRM customer support software has everything you need to create an outstanding customer experience and streamline customer service processes.

Sugar Sell

  • Automate & Accelerate Sugar Sell helps sales teams avoid having to manually enter endless details thanks to a platform that automatically captures data and presents it in context with everyone who needs it. Sales reps can focus on the most promising prospects and customers and spend more time selling. Smart guides and playbooks help accelerate sales cycles and time to close while improving conversion rates.
  • Get More Done in Less Time Provide sales teams with proactive alerts, root cause analysis, and more through a platform that continuously monitors metrics and KPIs. Make more data-driven decisions with analytics that show you what works, what doesn’t, and how to replicate your wins. Get a more accurate picture of your customers with a platform that supplements your existing data with crucial info pulled from external data sources.
  • Relevant Data at Your Fingertips Paint a clear picture of customers with personalized dashboards that improve tracking of key activities, tasks, and goals. Drill into reports to gain a complete view of any segment of the business, getting powerful insights with just a few clicks. And never lose a renewal opportunity with Sugar Sell’s renewal console providing built-in support for subscription-based sales.

Give everyone in the organization complete context for each customer interaction and insight into what to do next.

Drive strategic business decisions and inform leadership about important qualities of the business with out of the box and custom reporting. Monitor your key business metrics and use reports to turn customer data into business insights.

Streamline your sales cycle and increase deal velocity with quote management in Sell. Improve visibility and predictability into your overall business with sales forecasting.

Place your product catalog right within Sell. Effortlessly search and browse your company product catalog and create custom quotes on the fly while viewing the customer account record. Run reports on opportunities and revenues by product to anticipate demand and understand your products performance.

Improve sales efficiency and productivity by spending less time on manual effort and more time engaging with customers with robust business process management. Automate virtually any business process such as lead routing, quote approvals, customer email notifications and much more.

Bring omnichannel customer communications with sentiment analysis seamlessly into your sales console. Quickly access customer opportunities, purchase history, and other details without ever leaving the conversation.

Merge templates with fields from one or more Sugar modules, all without writing a single line of code. Accurately and quickly create NDAs, proposals, contracts, and labels with just a few clicks.

Merge templates with fields from one or more Sugar modules, all without writing a single line of code. Accurately and quickly create NDAs, proposals, contracts, and labels with just a few clicks.

Sugar Serve


Process-Driven Support Solution

With out of the box workflows for SLA management, ready-to-go reports, and an easy-to-use self-service portal builder, Serve has everything you need to raise your service game and delight your customers.

360-Degree View of Your Customers

Serve leverages SugarCRM’s unique time-aware customer experience platform, allowing you to access the most relevant customer information and deeper insights to drive more informed decisions and faster resolution times.

Better Together

Sugar Serve shares data platform with Sugar's flagship sales force automation product, Sugar Sell. No more going to multiple systems, keeping data in sync, or not knowing which application is the system of record. Sugar's comming data platform enables a truly shared understanding of customers across sales and service, providing a single, comprehensive view of customer history and engagement. Combined with Sugar Serve's rich, expandable data model, you'll be able to capture, leverage, and share a vividly detailed picture of your customers.

Empower your agents to be more productive and resolve cases with less hunting and searching for information with a unified, high-performance work console.

Provide service wherever your customers require it by offering voice, chat, email, or portal communications using Serve’s SugarLive capabilities.

Know your customers’ outlook and attitude towards you, and understand your agents’ demeanor with your customers, using Serve’s SugarPredict AI-powered sentiment analysis.

Automatically calculate and measure your support processes against even the most complex service level agreements, including managing multi-region business centers and related business hours.

Ensure no customer is left behind with out of the box business rules for routing inbound cases and calls, including time-based re-assignment and escalations.

Merge templates with fields from one or more Sugar modules, all without writing a single line of code. Accurately and quickly create NDAs, proposals, contracts, and labels with just a few clicks.

Merge templates with fields from one or more Sugar modules, all without writing a single line of code. Accurately and quickly create NDAs, proposals, contracts, and labels with just a few clicks.

Merge templates with fields from one or more Sugar modules, all without writing a single line of code. Accurately and quickly create NDAs, proposals, contracts, and labels with just a few clicks.


What is SugarCRM used for?

SugarCRM is an award-winning CRM platform that provides sales and marketing automation, account management, customer support, and all your customer relationship management needs.

Is SugarCRM free?

No, SugarCRM is not a free open-source solution. However, SugarCRM does offer some of the most competitive pricing available on the market. Beginning at just $49 USD per user per month, SugarCRM prides itself on offering one of the most competitive pricing models.

Is SugarCRM cloud based?

SugarCRM offers both an on-premises and cloud-based web application for its Customer Relationship Management platform.

Is SugarCRM secure?

Yes, SugarCRM is very secure as it encrypts all its data in both transit and at rest. SugarCRM ensures that its cloud service is up to date with the most secure encryption algorithms available.

Is SugarCRM easy to use?

Yes, SugarCRM is an incredibly easy to use system that prides itself on letting the platform do the work. Utilizing a simplistic user interface, SugarCRM provides reports, dashboards, accounts, and everything you need to know about your customers right at the tip of your finger.

What is Sugar Enterprise?

Sugar Enterprise is the premier sales force automation product for on-premise deployment. Enterprise provides the power and ease-of-use that Sugar is known for, in an on-premises package supporting higher levels of customizability and control.


CRM Expertise

Our consultants have experience with hundreds of CRM projects across a range of industries, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. Whatever your project entails, we can deliver the results you need.


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We deliver a full suite of end-to-end
CRM solutions to our clients every day.

Know Where to Start.

  CRM Evaluations

While most clients know precisely the outcomes their business needs to achieve, most are also less certain about the current state of their technology (functioning with their people and processes), or how to compare and evaluate potentially competing solutions with regard to ‘best fit’ for achieving the business results they’re looking for. That’s where we come in.

Think Big Picture.

  CRM Strategy & Planning

We know the best outcomes are achieved when clients are able to integrate and optimize the mix of people, processes, and technologies they’ve invested in to reach their unique business goals. That’s why the Tokara team works hand-in-hand with clients to define strategy that aligns their existing and new assets and priorities with the results they need to achieve.

Act as Trusted Advisor.

CRM Consulting

At the center of every engagement is consulting. And because we partner with the leading ‘people-centric’ software companies (Salesforce, SugarCRM,  Marketo, QlikView, etc.), we are able to truly act as trusted advisors and honest brokers to our clients—designing the best solution using the best technologies for their unique requirements and use cases.

Have a Bias for Action.

  CRM Implementations

Implementation transforms strategy into business value. So whether our clients want to migrate from legacy software, implement a new technology from the ground up, or even buy themselves some time by bridging the gap between the old and new, our technical depth means the solution we implement will maximize their return on technology investment.

Make It Personal.

  CRM Customizations

We always start by ensuring clients can access all the standard functionality a technology offers, but when unique business requirements demand a bit of code tweaking to perfect the alignment between the client’s needs and what the technology delivers, our developers are available for any needed customizations.

Deliver Reinforcements.

  CRM Staffing

At the end of the day, customer enablement is why we’re here—and we know what the client needs is rarely ‘one size fits all.’ So whether they’d like us to transfer knowledge through on-site training of an individual or a team, or simply to put one or more of our own team members with specialized skills in place for a period of time, we’re ready to make it happen.

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Accelerating our clients'
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We help our customers connect with their customers—harnessing CRM and related 'people-first' technologies to create the irresistible experiences that drive profit and growth.

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