Managed Services

Reduce costs, mitigate risk, and maximize the value of your
Salesforce investments while freeing up critical IT resources—
let us handle the daily complexities of your business-critical software.

Leave It to Salesforce Experts

You’ve got a lot to think about during your workday. Managing the software systems that keep your operations running doesn’t have to be one of them.

Tokara’s Managed Services offerings for Salesforce allow you to completely outsource all of the administration related to Salesforce, optimizing your IT investments and simplifying application management. This means you can get back to core business sooner, while preserving valuable internal resources and reducing the operating costs and capital associated with traditional dedicated hardware.

From initial user setup to ongoing monitoring services, our comprehensive lifecycle support includes enterprise-wide system control, so you can enjoy all the benefits your Salesforce applications offer without day-to-day management complexities and time-consuming maintenance activities. Designed specifically for Salesforce, our Managed Services offerings ensure you get the most out of the software you rely on daily to drive customer engagement and outreach.

Customer-Focused Expertise

Our remote team of skilled Salesforce experts combines an understanding of unique business environments with unparalleled, comprehensive software knowledge. This means we’re perfectly positioned to take care of all your Salesforce integrations, from single-license startups to global deployments.

We’ll maintain your systems in the ways that make the most sense for your company, keeping in mind your specialized business objectives and critical business activities for a truly seamless operation that feels as natural—and secure—as centralized control.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a powerful new tool for sales operations that combines the organizational power of traditional CRM with next-generation virtual resources, including custom applications and social media sites, that greatly extend your organization’s sales and collaboration capabilities.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud provides a virtual collaboration space that enables your customer service team to respond to requests for help and information at any time, from any location, across any channel. In our connected world, customers seek out and expect a timely response to their inquiries, and prompt service is vital to ensure customers are not only satisfied, but come back for more.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Created on the Salesforce1 Platform, Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud enables your marketers to build strong and meaningful customer relationships. Foster rich 1:1 customer and prospect interaction using email, social marketing, web, mobile, and pretty much any other marketing vehicle imaginable.

Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform enables the creation of both employee-facing and customer-facing applications, connecting your partners, employees, customers, and products quickly and effectively. Applications can be developed by adding custom functionality to the pre-built Salesforce Mobile App, or developers can utilize Mobile SDK, an open source suite of technologies, including REST API and OAuth 2.0, to create custom mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Organizational Monitoring

Tokara’s Managed Services offerings for Salesforce also provide Apex job monitoring, as well as monitoring related to Salesforce-specific parameters, including data limits, API limits, and license limits.

Integration Management

With security and maintenance handled centrally by Salesforce, Tokara’s Managed Services team can ensure all your integration management and monitoring are efficiently handled, giving you peace of mind and freeing your team to focus on core business issues. We also assist with and facilitate critical tasks that can be tedious when tackled internally, such as database cleanup and de-duping. For many clients, we also provide maintenance and support for third-party integration tools (e.g., Jitterbit, Talend, Informatica, etc.).

Organizational Maintenance

As part of Tokara’s Managed Services offerings for Salesforce, we provide multiple org management, including end user management, license management, and sandbox management, up to enterprise-level scenarios that may include multiple orgs and/or global deployments. Tokara’s Salesforce consulting team also communicates critical roadmap milestones, such as future Salesforce releases and enhancements to ensure appropriate planning to optimize your business’ use of Salesforce.

Robust Administration & Support

As part of our standard Managed Services offerings for Salesforce, the Tokara Salesforce consulting team provides a broad array of services:

  • Application tuning (Apex code reviews)
  • Management of security settings and performance of regular security/configuration audits
  • User set-ups and deactivation, including ownership transfer of accounts/ contacts/ and opportunities
  • Data audits to help uncover data integrity issues or opportunities to increase process improvement
  • Execution of all configuration changes within Salesforce
  • Creation of email merge templates
  • Development of reports and dashboards
  • Performance of manual or automated data entry
  • Creation/modification of lead assignment rules
  • Modification of the sharing model, as required


Combine the organizational power of traditional CRM with next-gen virtual resources like machine learning/AI-powered Einstein Analytics, custom applications, full social media integration, and much more.


Harness the ultimate virtual collaboration space for customer service teams bent on engaging, delighting, and building customer trust and relationship—at any time, from any location, across any channel.


Build meaningful, undisruptable customer relationships, engaging on their terms and in their preferred channels, creating rich 1:1 customer and prospect experiences using email, mobile, web, and social marketing.


Instantly connect partners, employees, customers, and products, customizing pre-built Salesforce apps or creating tailored solutions using Mobile SDK for streamlined iOS and Android app development.


Take full advantage of your ability to create new apps custom tailored to your business’ unique requirements, leveraging the seasoned Apex development resources on Tokara’s consulting team.


Gain total control over how your Salesforce data is organized and formatted with Visualforce, knowing our Visualforce consulting resources are available to support you just as much or as little as you’d like.


Gradually transfer your workforce from one CRM to the other, passing data in both directions. Uses Pivotal scheduled script service (near real-time sync) and connects to Salesforce using its Rest API.

SF Managed

Focus valuable internal technical resources on business-critical innovations while reducing hardware-related operating and capital costs—let use handle ‘all-things-admin’ for your Salesforce investment.

I strongly recommend Shawn Grant and his team at Tokara for Managed Services.

Omer SoykanSVP and Director of Investment Banking Technology, Jefferies
tokara solution logo

We have a valuable partner in Tokara. My Tokara consultant and his team understand me, our Salesforce organization, and us as a company and really ‘get’ how we work—we need it to be right, but we can’t spend millions of dollars re-architecting our whole organization every time we want to do a project. Now, we are completely in synchronization with zero errors and have a much more robust integration schedule. The team at Tokara has ... exceeded all my expectations.

Chief Technology OfficerFine Arts Retailer

Tokara Offers Unmatched
Salesforce Resources

Tokara fields top-tier Salesforce resources, as well as a select set of hybrid Pivotal/Salesforce engineers, developers, and consultants, whose expertise allows them to operate fluidly and effectively in and around all flavors of CRM, handling the full suite of Salesforce applications as well as Pivotal-to-Salesforce transitions.

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