Salesforce Service Cloud

Connect every team member to the data they need—in every channel, from any location.
Business is about relationships—we help drive engagement, build trust, and grow revenue.

Service Cloud Business Benefits

What’s in it for your business?

Speed & Refined Support Case Resolution

Equip support teams with the accurate, comprehensive 360° customer views they need to resolve issues consistently and faster than ever before.

Empower ‘Self-Service’ Customers

Build and leverage relevant, engaging online portals and communities that invite customers to ‘help themselves’ to articles and experts, freeing your reps to focus on critical support issues.

Engage & Delight Customers

Meet your customers where they want to engage, delivering customized, omnichannel support, including messaging, chat, and social.

Boost Field Support Speed & Performance

Drive customer satisfaction in the field with 360° customer views that ensure the right technician handles the right cases, creating real-time work orders, remotely dispatching field calls, and monitoring performance levels.

Supercharge Support Team Efficiency, at Scale

Transform customer relationships, agent happiness, and ROI by leveraging the predictive AI built into service cloud for every support team member.

Tokara Delivers Service Cloud

Features & Functionality

Customer Service

Leverage productivity tools, dashboards, and built-in AI-powered analytics, customize and automate service and approval processes, and speed case resolution with the right rep for the right case.

Digital Channels

Connect with customers where they want to engage with you—leverage mobile messaging, AI-powered chat support, real-time resolution on social networks, and more!

Self Service

Equip customers with the personalized resources they’re looking for in online portals and communities so your support teams can prioritize complex cases.

Field Service

Revolutionize onsite support, equipping reps to instantly create work orders, access expert references, track SLA data, optimize scheduling and job assignment, remotely manage jobs from mobile devices, and leverage AI-powered image recognition to boost initial fix rates.

Sales Cloud

Combine the organizational power of traditional CRM with next-gen virtual resources like machine learning/AI-powered Einstein Analytics, custom applications, full social media integration, and much more.

Service Cloud

Harness the ultimate virtual collaboration space for customer service teams bent on engaging, delighting, and building customer trust and relationship—at any time, from any location, across any channel.

Marketing Cloud

Build meaningful, undisruptable customer relationships, engaging on their terms and in their preferred channels, creating rich 1:1 customer and prospect experiences using email, mobile, web, and social marketing.

Lightning Platform

Instantly connect partners, employees, customers, and products, customizing pre-built Salesforce apps or creating tailored solutions using Mobile SDK for streamlined iOS and Android app development.


Take full advantage of your ability to create new apps custom tailored to your business’ unique requirements, leveraging the seasoned Apex development resources on Tokara’s consulting team.


Gain total control over how your Salesforce data is organized and formatted with Visualforce, knowing our Visualforce consulting resources are available to support you just as much or as little as you’d like.

Salesforce-Pivotal Connector

Reduce stress, gradually transferring your workforce from one CRM to the other, passing data in both directions. Uses Pivotal scheduled script service (near real-time sync) and connects to Salesforce using its Rest API.

SF Managed

Focus valuable internal technical resources on business-critical innovations while reducing hardware-related operating and capital costs—let use handle ‘all-things-admin’ for your Salesforce investment.

They just 'got' us—they understood where we were, where we wanted to go, and took us there without imposing their own agenda in any way.

Mark Nadler, VP of Corporate Information TechnologyTKC

We have a valuable partner in Tokara—my Tokara consultant and his team understand me, our Salesforce organization, and us as a company. They really ‘get’ how we work—the team at Tokara has ... exceeded all my expectations.

Chief Technology OfficerFine Arts Retailer

"Thanks to the influx of customer data from social media, e-commerce and mobile devices, companies have more data on their consumers than ever before. Yet, without the means to act on this data—or extract meaningful insights—businesses are struggling to understand their customers any better than they did in generations past."

—"4 Keys to Closing the Customer Experience Gap," Harvard Business Review

Service Cloud Addresses Today’s Top Business Drivers

Critical Findings on
World-Class Service

Teams Navigate New Standards of Engagement

Customers expect their affinity for digital engagement to last beyond the peak of the pandemic, prompting service organizations to move up their timelines for digital transformation. 81% of decision makers say they’re accelerating digital initiatives.

of decision makers will accelerate digital initiatives

The Continued increase in AI reliance

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often the “how” of automation, working behind the scenes to raise insights and recommendations, populate information, or trigger processes. 77% of agents say automating routine tasks allows them to focus on more complex work – up from 69% in 2018.

of agents rely on Artificial Intelligence

Service Extends to Sales, Marketing, and Beyond

The majority of service organizations now provide their team members with a view of customer interactions across sales, ecommerce, and marketing, although most underperforming organizations have yet to achieve this. 79% of service professionals say it’s impossible to provide great service without a complete view of customer interactions.

of service professionals rely on CRM

Workforce Management Takes a New Shape

As the very nature of work evolves before their eyes, service leaders are looking to new staffing models that accommodate new fiscal realities, provide employee mobility and opportunity, and meet business demands. 62% of service organizations have brought employees from other departments into service and support roles.

of service organizations brought outside help

The ever-changing environment of Customer Service

The skills required of agents are becoming broader and more complex than those traditionally associated with the role. 77% of agents say their role is more strategic than two years ago – up from 71% in 2018.

of agents say their job is more strategic

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Tokara Suggests Service Cloud

Resources & References


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State of Service, 4th Edition* ( Survey Report):

  • Access the latest Service insights and trends from a blind survey of over 7,000 customer service professionals worldwide, conducted by Salesforce.

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