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Welcome to the (brave new) world of faster, fuller, bigger, better, stronger, smarter sales.

Sales Cloud Business Benefits

What’s in it for your organization?

Strengthen High-Value Relationships

Create, customize, and connect irresistible experiences for every channel and stage of the customer journey, building trust, loyalty, and lifetime value.

Close More & Bigger Deals

Close more deals and bigger deals faster than ever before, growing accounts, raising revenue, and boosting the bottom line.

Drive Bigger Pipeline

Harness the highest-tech sales tools to unearth more leads and qualified opportunities, filling a fatter pipeline for sustained sales and long-term growth.

Boost Team Productivity

Streamline, speed, and simplify sales processes, equipping internal teams with intuitive AI-powered tools for unparalleled competitive advantage.

Make Smarter Business Decisions

Spot trends, predict behavior, act faster, and outmaneuver the competition, making data-driven decisions that benefit every aspect of the business.

Tokara Delivers Sales Cloud

Features & Functionality

Contact Management

Streamline efforts to store and sort contacts; schedule associated sales activities; and track and manage deals and accounts.

Lead & Marketing Management

Quantify marketing activity ROI and target the hottest leads to close deals faster.

Opportunity Management

Stay connected to the people and data you need to efficiently track, manage, and close every deal.

Pipeline Dashboards & Reporting

Track pipeline KPIs like lead volume and conversion rates with real-time dashboards and reporting capabilities.

Unified Mobile Capability

Collaborate with team members and access critical files from anywhere with a single, unified app.

Email Integration

Use the email clients you already know in an Inbox that syncs and tracks contacts, events, tasks, and more.

Sales Forecasting

Track and manage individual and team forecasts and adjustments in real time to take timely action and forecast accurately.

Workflows & Approvals

Visualize, create, and automate business process workflows and approvals with intuitive “point and click” and “drag and drop” builders.

File Sync & Share Capability

Find, share, collaborate, publish, and track the files and content you need real time, from anywhere.

Data Management & Security

Ensure clean, secure data is instantly accessible to everyone who needs it to close deals and deliver 360° customer support.

My Tokara consultant and his team understand me, our Salesforce organization, and us as a company—we need it to be right, but we can’t spend millions of dollars re-architecting our whole organization every time we want to do a project. Now, we are completely in synchronization with zero errors and have a much more robust integration schedule. The team at Tokara has ... exceeded all my expectations.

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Sales Cloud Addresses Today’s Top Business Drivers

Critical Findings from Salesforce
‘State of Sales: Insights & Trends’ Survey

Customer Expectations Overwhelm Sales Rep Capacity

Sales reps and teams are able to spend only about 1/3 of their time selling as they struggle to meet increasing customer demands and expectations around delivery of relevant, personalized experiences. Neary 60% anticipate missing their quotas.

time spent on sales

Data-Driven Decisions on the Rise

Traditional “soft skills” aspects of forecasting and sales are giving way to pure data-driven methods, with 2x as many reps relying on quantifiable “propensity to buy” data over intuition to analyze, forecast, and prioritize leads.

reps relying on quantifiable data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption Poised to Spike

While functional AI adoption in sales remains in early stages, AI-powered teams are growing in size rather than shrinking. Sales leadership predicts a growing AI footprint and adoption increases of 155% by 2020.

increase in AI by 2020

“Face-to Face” Flags as Teams Focus on Virtual Interactions

Increasing reliance of customers and prospects on online data and interactions over traditional sales calls/meetings continues to rise, with reps spending more than 3x as much time engaged in “virtual” interactions as “face-to-face” meetings. Hiring within sales teams reflects this shift toward inside roles and functions.

Connection & Collaboration Take Center Stage

Top teams are smashing silos, fueled by rising expectations and demands by customers and prospects for ever-more relevant, connected, and customized information and experiences across departments and channels. More than 80% of teams cite centralized, connected visibility into data across the customer journey as critical to sales success.

of teams cite data visibility as critical

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Tokara Suggests Sales Cloud

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