Salesforce Lightning Platform

Extend the power of Salesforce CRM
and the reach of every member of your team
with custom apps built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform.

Turning Ideas into Innovation

Driven by dynamic APIs and based entirely in the cloud, the Salesforce Lightning Platform enables your team to design and deploy custom solutions that can be turned into mobile enterprise applications accessible from any location,with direct support from our team of Salesforce consulting experts. Harnessing its power, users can create both employee- and customer-facing mobile applications, with 4+ million custom solutions already developed, and more than 3 billion transactions occurring daily.

The user-friendly interface eliminates the need for complicated code and IT resources, enabling any employee to design a department-specific application with a few clicks, drawing from data stored directly in Salesforce. Now, any resource your team develops to make work easier, from sales and marketing to operations and billing, can be taken on the road as a mobile application, fostering creativity and ingenuity, and expanding your team’s presence and capabilities.

Automated Business Processes

Business actions that used to take valuable company time or require lengthy forms can now be automated with the Salesforce Lightning Platform, from IT Help Desk requests to recruiting and approvals. Visual flow charts and customizable forms allow you to preserve your proven practices while bringing them into the mobile environment, saving money and energy. Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards provided by the platform can be customized to fit departmental needs, with record and field-level permission settings to ensure security.

Community-Based Collaboration

The increased connectivity provided by the Salesforce Lightning Platform means your company can collaborate better than ever across departments, ranks and strengths. To organize this communication, the platform is equipped with Communities, a mobile intranet that seamlessly connects your agents with critical company information, experts and applications.

The resource not only keeps your team connected while on-the-go, but can be designed to display news stories and performance metrics customized for each employee. With one secure login required for full access, it’s easy and convenient to perform multiple actions, from updating the status of a trouble ticket, to booking a flight, all from your mobile device, making Salesforce Lightning the world’s #1 cloud platform.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a powerful new tool for sales operations that combines the organizational power of traditional CRM with next-generation virtual resources, including custom applications and social media sites, that greatly extend your organization’s sales and collaboration capabilities.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud provides a virtual collaboration space that enables your customer service team to respond to requests for help and information at any time, from any location, across any channel. In our connected world, customers seek out and expect a timely response to their inquiries, and prompt service is vital to ensure customers are not only satisfied, but come back for more.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Created on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, Marketing Cloud enables your marketers to build strong and meaningful customer relationships. Foster rich 1:1 customer and prospect interaction using email, social marketing, web, mobile, and pretty much any other marketing vehicle imaginable.

Intuitive Design for Quick Creation

With drag-and-drop layout features, customizable menu settings, auto-generated user interfaces, and pre-designed templates Lightning’s Schema Builder enables employees to create native, HTML5 and hybrid applications in minutes, with design updates immediately synced to your mobile device.

To access pre-made applications that may be helpful to your business, visit the Salesforce App Exchange, which provides access to thousands of ready-to-use, user designed applications that can easily be downloaded and integrated into your network. In addition, developers have access to mobile, open Application Programming Interfaces (API), cutting-edge frameworks, and geolocation capabilities, enabling them to integrate with your company and customer data to create user interfaces in any language. The Salesforce Lightning Platform also syncs applications with information from existing third-party and back-office systems, including SAP and Oracle, via middleware solutions (e.g., REST APIs, web services, native plug-ins).

Support from Lead to Close

Sales Cloud’s opportunity management features include Chatter, the leading enterprise social network, which provides a collaboration space for teams to sync up and share deal updates, partner on projects, provide feedback and work together on service cases and marketing campaigns. Information from CRM, including opportunity amount, close date, stage, probability of win, and lead source, can be directly integrated into the Sales Console to track and monitor deals and break down pipeline by stage, from qualification to negotiation and review, with updates automatically pushed to all team members.

Other resources include product listings, competitor notes and analysis, analytical reports and dashboards, drag-and-drop report developers, and file uploading and sharing capacities, all customizable to meet your unique business model and company needs. Additionally, built-in quoting capabilities mean your reps can create up-to-the-minute proposals, automatically populated with customer data and built upon approved, time-saving templates, ready to PDF and submit in seconds.

Tailored Access for Any Device

With the expanding presence and diversity of mobile devices, an important design consideration when developing a custom mobile application is accessibility. Ensuring your solution is available to your intended audience is crucial for its success and continued use. The Lightning Platform integrates directly with Visualforce, which enables applications to be delivered entirely on the web, without cumbersome software. Designers can tailor an application’s user interface to any requirement, user or device via web development technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery. This capability broadens the vision of your development team and your team’s presence by enabling application deployment from any preferred resource, including the web, mobile devices, and social networks, with secure offline storage for information retrieval.

Learn more about Our Salesforce Expertise

Sales Cloud

Combine the organizational power of traditional CRM with next-gen virtual resources like machine learning/AI-powered Einstein Analytics, custom applications, full social media integration, and much more.

Service Cloud

Harness the ultimate virtual collaboration space for customer service teams bent on engaging, delighting, and building customer trust and relationship—at any time, from any location, across any channel.

Marketing Cloud

Build meaningful, undisruptable customer relationships, engaging on their terms and in their preferred channels, creating rich 1:1 customer and prospect experiences using email, mobile, web, and social marketing.

Lightning Platform

Instantly connect partners, employees, customers, and products, customizing pre-built Salesforce apps or creating tailored solutions using Mobile SDK for streamlined iOS and Android app development.


Take full advantage of your ability to create new apps custom tailored to your business’ unique requirements, leveraging the seasoned Apex development resources on Tokara’s consulting team.


Gain total control over how your Salesforce data is organized and formatted with Visualforce, knowing our Visualforce consulting resources are available to support you just as much or as little as you’d like.

Salesforce-Pivotal Connector

Gradually transfer your workforce from one CRM to the other, passing data in both directions. Uses Pivotal scheduled script service (near real-time sync) and connects to Salesforce using its Rest API.

SF Managed

Focus valuable internal technical resources on business-critical innovations while reducing hardware-related operating and capital costs—let use handle ‘all-things-admin’ for your Salesforce investment.

They just 'got' us—they understood where we were, where we wanted to go, and took us there without imposing their own agenda in any way.

Mark Nadler, VP of Corporate Information TechnologyTKC

Tokara Offers Unmatched
Salesforce Resources

Tokara fields top-tier Salesforce resources, as well as a select set of hybrid Pivotal/Salesforce engineers, developers, and consultants, whose expertise allows them to operate fluidly and effectively in and around all flavors of CRM, handling the full suite of Salesforce applications as well as Pivotal-to-Salesforce transitions.

"Thanks to the influx of customer data from social media, e-commerce and mobile devices, companies have more data on their consumers than ever before. Yet, without the means to act on this data—or extract meaningful insights—businesses are struggling to understand their customers any better than they did in generations past."

—"4 Keys to Closing the Customer Experience Gap," Harvard Business Review

We have a valuable partner in Tokara—my Tokara consultant and his team understand me, our Salesforce organization, and us as a company. They really ‘get’ how we work—the team at Tokara has ... exceeded all my expectations.

Chief Technology OfficerFine Arts Retailer

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