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Pivotal 6.6 UX redefines flexibility and mobility in CRM. Watch the video and see for yourself!


Supercharged Searches,
Dramatic Dashboard Insights

Enjoy search result list filtering, single-click access to favorite records/searches, and drag-and-drop ordering of 'Favorites' into custom folder structures. Add open parameter searches and URL widgets in Action Center.

Customized Crystal Reporting—
Streamlined Power & Productivity

Run custom reports based on the Pivotal system, a specific search, or an individual record. Open reports in a new browser window to continue work while reports compile. Enjoy Crystal reporting features like anchor hyperlinking and PDF exporting.

Brilliantly Browser Based—
Made for Mobile Marketing & Sales

Easily navigate optimized activity forms with a streamlined search interface, icon-based menus, and custom Action Center carousel.

Pivotal UX Client is designed with mobility in mind featuring a touch-friendly UI with large buttons, easy scrolling and screen layouts optimized for a smaller device. The sales applications delivered with Pivotal, focus on the key tasks that a sales user would do on the road and streamlines the access to these key functions and features. Further, Pivotal’s compatibility with Office 2016, Exchange 2016 and Windows 10 makes it one of the best flexible CRM systems to use.

Pivotal UX Client with enhanced dashboard capabilities provides users with a central location to access key business metrics and drive actionable results. Information is easily available for a sales team to quickly qualify leads, manage their pipeline, and strengthen customer relationships.

Pivotal features Aptean Analytics, powered by QlikView, which enables a sales team to gain new insights within their opportunity pipeline, sales performance, and win/ loss history. High-level insights help define a sales opportunity.

Single Sign On (SSO) allows users to sign in just once for all the applications. In case they have logged into another application using ADFS, SSO allows them to sign into Pivotal UX directly through ADFS or Google Apps instead of providing the credentials every time. It provides the users with both the sign in options–through credentials or through ADFS/Google Apps, to choose from.

The UX Client allows users to personalize the information displayed in the Action Center. Users can add pre-defined lists and charts, configure list columns or define their own chart and add the information they wish to include.

If users build new search profiles and want to analyze it further, Pivotal allows them to export it to Excel. Users can either select all the records or few in particular, export them to Excel and open it locally on their devices.

Pivotal eliminates the road block of re-implementing the business logic with a phased upgrade option that enables customers to upgrade the platform to the latest Pivotal releases while continuing to use Rich Client or Windows Client. It also provides the option of upgrading it themselves or have the professional services team assist them.

Mirror the way your team already works

Unlike other CRM solutions, Pivotal was designed from the ground up around the idea that your CRM should reflect and map to the way you do business—not the other way around. Pivotal CRM's extreme flexibility dramatically reduces the time it takes to mirror the way you work in your CRM system, providing you with options for robust end-user configuration as well deep workflow customizations that allow you to create the internal processes and external customer experiences that fit your strategy and vision.

All the Power of Pivotal UX CRM—
Packaged to Fit in Your Pocket

Fully optimized for mobile users, Pivotal UX brings all the CRM power you rely on directly to your fingertips for true 'anywhere, anytime' access to the data you need. Scroll the images to the right to see for yourself.

Pivotal UX—unlike any CRM you've experienced.

More powerful and flexible, Pivotal UX delivers deeper insights and engagement, with seamless integration to all of your business-critical software—all on a cloud-based platform built for the mobility of today's salesteams.

Rich User Experience

UX Designed to
Engage & Delight

Easily and cost-effectively create irresistible end-user experiences—monitor, measure, and manage end-user utilization to optimize business processes.

Business Intelligence

Actionable Insights =
Smarter Decisions

Achieve greater insight into customers and their business activities as Pivotal streamlines data into a centralized database—analytics are powered by QlikView.

Ease of Integration

Seamlessly Integrated,

Reduce cost and complexity integrating Pivotal with your back-office systems with flexible architecture that ensures efficient, streamlined, seamless collaboration.

Low Cost Flexibility

Easily Customize
for Optimal ROI

Tailor workflow with a click—Pivotal’s Microsoft foundation enables easy modifications to user interface, business process, and data models for higher ROI.

Industry Applications

CRM Tailor Made
for Your Sector

Experience industry-tailored applications developed using in-depth knowledge of Financial Services, Home Building, Manufacturing, and Healthcare industries.

Microsoft Integration

Built Strong &

Experience the efficiency and productivity that come with pre-integrated Pivotal solutions, seamlessly connected with Microsoft Office® and SharePoint®.

I can’t say enough good things about Tokara’s engineers, businesses analysts–really all of their technical resources [on this Pivotal CRM engagement]. Especially for a project of this magnitude, things could not have gone more smoothly–they did excellent work.

Chief Technology OfficerGlobal Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

There’s no question the Tokara team has solid expertise in Pivotal CRM–but the added component that makes working with them entirely different is that their expertise comes with a commitment to partner in whatever way is best for that client.

Ginelle DavidsonMIS Director, Kantar Retail

Pivotal CRM
for Financial Services

Dashboards designed for private banking and wealth management analyze clients and your activities with them—and they’re just the beginning of this industry-tailored solution.

Pivotal CRM
for Homebuilding

Capabilities tailored to homebuilders and real estate professionals seamlessly manage customers from the initial prospect stage to sales, post-sale services, and future sales.

Pivotal CRM
for Manufacturing

Capture, analyze, and act on enterprise-wide data and insights—increase customer engagement and responsiveness while making smarter, faster, better business decisions.

Pivotal CRM
for SMBs

Custom, cost-effective CRM solutions optimize existing investments while delivering ‘big company’ marketing and service capabilities—within budget and on time.

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We were looking for a top-tier professional services partner who was really committed to the long-term relationship, and we couldn’t have made a better choice. As they transitioned us from Pivotal CMS to Pivotal PCM, most users didn’t even notice a hiccup in performance–and any issues that did emerge were immediately resolved by the Tokara team.

Chief Technology OfficerGlobal Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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