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Tokara’s engineering & development team build CRM and connector products
that streamline and accelerate CRM extension, migration, and integration.

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CRM-to-CRM connectors enable you to run two CRM platforms in parallel during migration while syncing data bi-directionally for safe, secure, stress-free migrations. (Salesforce, Pivotal, Saratoga)

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CRM-Marketing Automation

CRM-to-marketing automation connectors extend marketing functionality, delivering perfectly-timed multi-channel automation. (Marketo, SharpSpring, Marketing Cloud)

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CRM-to-email connectors join the two software tools your sales team uses most in one platform to save time, streamline communication, boost productivity, and drive revenue. (Gmail, Outlook)

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Industry CRM Platforms

Industry-specific CRMs deliver the complete functionality needed to meet an industry's unique business requirements, all in one place. (Homebuilder CRM for Salesforce & Pivotal)

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Tokara’s CRM Connector Products

Business Benefits

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Extend Functionality

Boost efficiency, productivity, and sales by giving your teams the feature-functionality of peripheral apps they need, all from within their CRM.

Migrate Seamlessly

Run your old and new CRM platforms in parallel with bi-directional data sync until your business can make the final cutover with no disruption.

Maximize Investments

Maximize existing technology investments by connecting to the functionality you need, until you’re ready for a full migration/ implementation.

Maintain Peace of Mind

Do things how and when they’re right for you, minimizing disruption by controlling timetables, expenses, and security.

Pivotal-Salesforce Connector

The safe, simple, seamless migration to Salesforce that puts you squarely in the driver’s seat.

Pivotal-Marketo Connector

Distribute and track opportunities throughout the customer journey. Gain insights to create tailored messages and irresistable experiences.

Pivotal-Gmail Connector

Join two powerhouse sales applications with a single solution that boosts productivity & revenue.

Homebuilder CRM

Sales & marketing software that meets all your CRM needs—under one roof.

Snapshot of Features & Benefits:

CRM-to-CRM Connector Spotlight

Pivotal-Salesforce Migration Connector

This connector isn’t simply one among the myriad cookie-cutter bridging options available to companies considering a move from a legacy CRM system to Salesforce; it’s a custom-crafted differentiator built by global leaders in both solutions who know the ins and outs of those systems forward and backward.

—User & Client Migration Manager

Parallel Platforms

Run Pivotal and Salesforce in 'parallel processing' during your migration for as long as you need to.

User Transition

Incrementally migrate your users to the new platform at the speed and in the way that's best for them, causing minimum disruption to your business operations.

Migration Security

Ensure that the safety and security of your data and your business come first at every step of the process—you decide the speed of migration, how long to run parallel operations, what tests should be run (and for how long) prior to cut-over, and finally, when to move your users and operations exclusively to the new platform.

Field Mapping

Easily map most fields using Excel or Google Sheets. If complex mapping is required, it can be coded in C# as a Pivotal custom server task.

Data Accuracy

Ensure that as soon as information is updated or modified in either system—Pivotal or Salesforce—it's changed in the other as well, using bi-directional sync, in near-real-time.

My Tokara consultant and his team understand me, our company, and what we need from our Salesforce org. They've exceeded all my expectations.

Chief Technology Officer, Fine Arts Retailer

Two-Way Sync

Automatic, bi-directional, near-real-time sync using Pivotal scheduled script service means every time a data point is changed in one platform, it's also changed in the other, so you know you're always using the most up-to-date information.

Unlimited Objects

While running time may be affected by the number of synced objects, there is no limit on the number of objects that may be synced between the two platforms.

Data Logging

Built-in logging and error handling can deliver information into a file or SQL database table, so you can create automated queries within SQL server to pull errors rather than searching through log files.

Lightweight Connection

The Pivotal-Salesforce Connector communicates with Salesforce using its REST API, taking advantage of its simple HTTP calls for inter-machine communication rather than using more complex options.

Records Filtering

The Pivotal-Salesforce Connector interface allows you to easily filter which records you do and do not want to transfer (i.e., you could limit the transfer to only closed opportunities, companies in New York, etc).

Flexible Data Transfer

With the Pivotal-Salesforce Connector, the originating system can pull data from multiple objects/tables and place the results into a single object or table. Dropdown fields allow you to select which Pivotal tables and fields you want to map.

Snapshot of Features & Benefits:

CRM-to-Marketing Automation Connector Spotlight

Pivotal-Marketo Connector

Tokara Solutions was a key partner in our CRM upgrade project as well as our marketing automation deployment—they delivered a superior project on time and on budget.

Transformative Analytics

Combine the benefits of Pivotal's BI tools (helping users analyze data to find patterns and trends in customer behavior) with Marketo's visibility into marketing campaigns, so teams can track the success of current projects and adjust future planning and execution based on behavioral data.

Faster Response Times

Gain greater insight into customer activity to more quickly distribute and track leads with sales teams, speeding the sales process and reducing lag time.

Higher User Adoption

Effortlessly connect user efforts across Pivotal and Marketo, saving and adjusting their work as needed and delivering the usability required to ensure they integrate both solutions into their daily routines.

Detailed Lead Tracking

Access client contact information and monitor their activity, tracking and analyzing leads from sources including cold calls, web clicks, emails, social media, and events, for a 360-degree view of campaign success.

Bi-Directional Sync

Ensure that as soon as information is updated or modified in either system—Pivotal or Marketo—it's changed in the other as well, using bi-directional sync, in near-real-time.

Poll-Based Sync

Configure settings to enable time-based syncing at custom intervals, knowing that regardless of time interval or duration chosen, feedback and syncing take place in near-real time.

Post-Sync Updates

See a visual dashboard overview of all changes/updates made in both Pivotal and Marketo since the user's last visit.

Lead Scoring & Nurturing

Automatically assign a “lead score” from Marketo as leads are integrated between platforms, based on prospect behavior and likelihood of conversion.

Data Logging

Keep track of every change as data and insights are shared between Marketo and Pivotal, automatically logging the data to clearly show what was transferred.

Duplicate Check

Use integrated duplicate check tools to ensure the same lead isn’t entered more than once in either Pivotal or Marketo to avoid creating bad data in the system; you can also keep both records, if required.

Field Mapping

Use the flexible field mapping tool to enable Marketo even custom fields to be mapped to Pivotal fields, and vice versa, as needed.

I have engaged Tokara on several marketing automation projects—our expectations were always met or exceeded, and their team is great to work with!

IT Director, Global Manufacturing Technology Corporation

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Snapshot of Features & Benefits:

CRM-to-Email Connector Spotlight



Our sales reps spend at least 1/3 of their time in email, so connecting them to it from within our CRM just makes good business sense—it's more efficient, they're more productive, and you get more closed deals.

VP Sales, High-End Retailer

Higher Productivity

Enable your sales team to save time and produce more—accessing Gmail functionality from within Pivotal—while also eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone duplicate data entry required when CRM and email systems are not fully integrated and synced.

Increased Sales

Boost sales by giving your teams true centralized access to all of the accurate, up-to-date client and prospect contact, communication, and meeting/activity information they need to nurture and close sales—including Gmail email and calendaring functionality and details—all from within the Pivotal interface.

Better Data Accuracy

Reduce the risk of bad data making it into your systems—potentially jeopardizing customer and prospect relationships and sales—by removing the requirement for error-prone duplicate data entry between CRM and email systems.

Stronger Customer Relationships

Ensure your sales team is relying on the most up-to-date, accurate customer and prospect information when they communicate and interact by enabling them to access Gmail email and calendaring functionality (and associated information) from within Pivotal.

Google Functionality in Pivotal

Enable your sales team to use Pivotal to send emails through their Gmail account, schedule meetings and appointments with contacts/leads in their Google calendar, and view their Google calendar.

Gmail Email in Pivotal

Enable users to send and receive emails through their Gmail account, all accessed from within the Pivotal interface.

Gmail Tracking in Pivotal

Not only can Pivotal send and receive emails through Gmail, it can search, track, and organize them too.

Gmail Calendaring in Pivotal

Enable users to view everything in their Google calendar from within Pivotal.

Gmail Event Scheduling in Pivotal

Enable users to schedule meetings and events through Google calendar from within the Pivotal paltform.

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Snapshot of Features & Benefits:

Industry-Specific CRM Spotlight

Homebuilder CRM

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Homebuilder CRM + M/I Homes Case Study

“Tokara Homebuilder CRM is a flexible, complete CRM solution allowing us to track the full customer lifecycle all in one app instead of supporting 4 or 5 separate systems!”

—Ron Frissora, CIO, M/I Homes

Homebuilder CRM Marketing

WIth a robust software solution custom-built for the industry, we check the box on every homebuilder marketing crm requirement. Execute simple, effective online campaigns with a CRM seamlessly integrated with your website. Leads flow directly into your CRM system, streamlining the process of capturing, nurturing, and converting prospects into closed deals.

Homebuilder CRM Sales

Developed in partnership with top builders, we've built the best homebuilder sales software in the industry. Instantly equip your salespeople with every piece of information they need on each homebuyer and prospect, and every interaction they've had with your company. Boost productivity with suggested "next steps" to convert prospects, and send real-time updates on where prospects are in the sales process.

Homebuilder CRM Contracts

Clarify and streamline the potentially stressful contractual elements homebuyers will need to negotiate, giving them simple, straightforward tools to help them select their plan and lot, choose their options and upgrades, and create contracts and change orders.

Homebuilder CRM Financial Calculators

Simplify financial questions from homeowners with easy-to-use monthly payment estimate calculators; downpayment, closing cost, and refinance calculators; and “Rent vs. Buy” comparison calculators.

Homebuilder CRM Plat Maps

Using built-in plat map integration, create simple, straightforward, interactive plat maps showing real-time plat/lot availability status. Easily customize the plat maps with options to add lot-specific notes and details, and choose/adjust graphic elements.

Homebuilder CRM Option Selection

Enable homebuyers to make decisions on their own and at their own pace, providing them with online access to self-service option selectors for available housing, along with associated cost quotes for elements such as structural configurations, exterior materials, fixtures, finishes, and more.

Homebuilder CRM Warranty/Service

Continue to strengthen trust and connection with homebuyers well after after closing, monitoring the warranty process quickly and efficiently to resolve any issues that arise. Know the the right person to send to do the work, receive status updates on its progress, and incorporate customer feedback to refine your process and build your brand's reputation.