Managed Services

Reduce costs, mitigate risk, and maximize the value of your IT investments
while freeing up critical IT resources—let us handle the daily complexities
of everything related to your business-critical software systems.

Managed Services

Managing the day-to-day complexities of business-critical software systems can place a burden on already strained internal IT resources. That’s where we come in.

Our Managed Services offerings enable you to outsource all your CRM and marketing automation application and database administration tasks. We work remotely, taking care of ongoing administration such as installation, configuration, upgrades, and daily troubleshooting.

Business Benefits

Our clients are able to reduce costs, mitigate risk, and maximize the value of their software solutions, all with a partner who understands their business. Outsource day-to-day administration while making the most of your software’s configuration and customization features:

  • Faster and higher ROI
  • Applications up and running within hours/days not weeks
  • Reduced need for full-time IT resources
  • Predictable costs for maintaining system make budgeting easier
  • Less dedicated hardware infrastructure = lower cap/ops costs
  • Confidence that systems/software are reliable/fully optimized
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Applications running on the most up-to-date version of software
  • Worry-free ‘hot fixes’ and installation of service packs
  • System maintained by highly trained experts

Enterprise Application

Our managed solutions team is experienced in all aspects of managing CRM and marketing automation systems, which results in vastly simplified application management and reduction of the burden on your internal IT staff.

Our Senior Systems Engineers are trained, certified and have years of experience managing enterprise CRM and marketing automation applications to provide:

  • Service pack & hot fix support (critical apps & components)
  • Scheduled database backups (hourly, daily and weekly)
  • Weekly database maintenance
  • Storage management and file cleanup
  • Automated disk storage management
  • Virus protection
  • Automated and manual services monitoring with notifications
  • Automated and manual OS monitoring with notifications
  • Monitoring of critical app logs; severity-based notifications
  • Review of generated error messages and logs
  • System performance monitoring and tuning
  • Satellite, mobile and handheld device administration
  • 24/7 on-call support for server down issues
  • Private FTP support site as needed for application interfaces
  • Quarterly transaction and availability reports

As part of Tokara’s Managed Services offerings, we provide service pack and hot fix support for critical applications and other components as needed, schedules, and authorized by you, the client. We also offer weekly database maintenance, storage management, file cleanup, and automated disk storage management. As part of their application maintenance, clients also receive quarterly transaction and availability.

We provide our Managed Services clients with not only comprehensive virus protection, but also with the peace of mind that comes with our scheduled database backups. Backups are performed hourly, daily, and weekly, and are performed in conjunction with the client’s internal IT staff. Tokara also provides 24/7 on call support in the event of ‘server down’ issues.

Tokara offers automated and manual monitoring of all services with real-time email notifications. We also provide automated and manual monitoring of operating system and critical applications logs with severity-based, real-time email notifications.

As part of our standard Managed Services offerings, we review all generated error messages and logs; monitor system performance and provide performance tuning; and conduct satellite, mobile, and handheld device administration. Tokara also provides FTP site assistance as needed to support application interfaces.


What are Managed Services and how do they work?

Our Managed Services allows you to outsource many of your CRM and Marketing Automation applications’ technical needs to Tokara Solutions.

What are the benefits of using managed services?

There are a number of benefits that come with using Managed Services, which include:

  • Reduced need for IT resources to know CRM technical details,
  • Predictable costs for maintaining systems,
  • Faster and better ROI,
  • Quick installation times,
  • Up-to-date software from worry-free hot-fixes upgrades,
  • Access to highly trained experts.

What types of services are typically included in managed services?

As part of our services for Managed Services, we provide you with Application Management, System Security, Automated & Manual Monitoring, and Administration & Support.

I strongly recommend Shawn Grant and his team at Tokara for Managed Services.

Omer SoykanSVP and Director of Investment Banking Technology, Jefferies

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