We are the Tokara
CRM consulting team.


'People-first' is
more than a mantra.

It's at the core of everything we do, shaping our greatest competitive advantage—
our culture of transparency, relationship, value, and trust.

These attributes define us.

Extreme CRM

Every one of our consultants and engineers has at least 7 years of CRM experience and 30 successful implementations, but most of us have 10+ years of experience and track records of 50+ implementations.

about Results

Our CRM consulting and engineering teams bring the requisite technical depth and years of industry expertise to deliver the end-to-end, ‘people-first’ solutions that create business value for each individual client.

Passion for

We use CRM and other ‘people-first’ technologies to help you build personalized connections with the people you want to reach—bolstering engagement, trust, and long-term value that can’t be disrupted.

True Honest

We don’t believe your business should be retro-fitted to match a solution. So whether it’s Salesforce, Pivotal, Marketo, Pega, QlikView, or LivePerson—our consultants craft the very best solution, just for you.

Accelerating our clients'
time to business value

We help our customers connect with their customers—harnessing CRM and related 'people-first' technologies to create the irresistible experiences that drive profit and growth.

Oh, and we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Crafting perfectly tailored CRM solutions to meet clients' requirements is a creative undertaking. We deliver our best solutions when technical excellence is coupled with the freedom to be creative— and have fun.

We love what we do. We're good at it, and we have fun.

But the only measure of our success is your success.

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