Make your end users fall in love again with both your
Pivotal Client and Pivotal UX deployments.

Pivotal Widgetizer

Boost Productivity And
End User Adoption

One of the most common requests IT gets for any CRM, is to make it more intuitive and easier to use.  The Tokara Widgetizer is an add-on tool for both Pivotal UX and Pivotal Client.  It significantly modernizes the existing user interface while putting the most important actions and data just a single click away.

See It for Yourself

Widgetize Pivotal to put the most accessed information right in front of your end users.

(Drag the red vertical bar to the right to see the original Pivotal interface, and to the left to see the Widgetized item.)





Pivotal Widgetizer

What’s in it for your business?

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Increased Efficiencies and Data Quality

Your end users will less frequently need to drill down to back tabs. The purpose of the Widgetizer is to put the most commonly looked up information from the company, opportunity, contact and support ticket forms on the front screen. Making the system as quick and efficient to use will get them to use it more frequently. Thus, your data quality will improve.

Works Even on Heavily Customized Systems

While every Pivotal customer has customized the application, Tokara has analyzed the most common actions and determined that a set of key fields are almost always used by all customers. For example, contacts have an email address, support tickets have a status and opportunities have a probability to close. Not coincidentally, this is the information that the end user wants to see immediately so that they can determine if they want to drill into the child record.

Simple to Install

The Widgetizer has been designed to quickly import into any Pivotal 6.5 and higher system. It works on either Pivotal Client or Pivotal UX. We expect that you can have this up and running in hours, not weeks.

Pivotal Widgetizer

Features & Functionality

Form Design

The Widgetizer comes with starting point form templates for your most common forms. It is simplistic to expand it other out of the box forms or even to new tables that you added to your Pivotal system.

Recent Items

Users often want to re-open a record that they access earlier in the day or even earlier in the week. But most do not know how to get to or use the standard recent item functionality. The Widgetizer puts this right at their fingertips.

Contact Cards

Like most modern UI’s, the Widgetizer allows data to be shown as cards and not just as the traditional grid view. Users are able to switch back and forth between cards and grids with a single click.

Color Coded Icons

Overdue activities, support tickets or opportunities often go unnoticed because they do not stand out in Pivotal’s current UI. The Widgetizer allows you to turn these items red on the screen so that they get the end user’s attention.