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The Tokara team is comprised of veteran technology consultants with deep expertise in manufacturing. We understand that CRM should drive the sales and marketing initial processes and then hand off to the ERP system to complete the process.

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Any manufacturer needs to have a smooth flow of data between the sales process over to the manufacturing process and then ultimately over to invoicing and receivables. Tokara has many years of successful experience integrating our CRM’s into many different ERP systems. We know that there are many key points to integrate including the product catalog, the customer master list and opportunities that create orders. This can be done for batch, continuous, discrete manufacturers and more. The Tokara team is comprised of veteran technology consultants with deep expertise in these areas.



What are the benefits of CRM for manufacturing?

Some key benefits of CRM for manufacturing companies include a tight integration to ERP, improved lead management, enhanced sales processes, better tracking of customer interactions, increased customer satisfaction, and higher revenue and profits. CRM centralizes customer data and communications to provide sales and marketing teams with a complete view of each customer. This allows more personalized and timelier outreach to drive sales.

How can CRM improve lead management for manufacturing?

CRM systems help manage leads more efficiently through lead scoring, automated nurturing via emails and notifications, and assignment of leads to the right sales reps. Sales teams can prioritize and follow-up on the hottest leads faster. CRM also tracks lead sources to help focus marketing efforts.

How does CRM help manage the sales process and pipeline?

CRM systems provide greater visibility into the sales pipeline. Features like sales forecasts help manufacturing businesses in planning their manufacturing queue and raw material usage, while simultaneously predicting revenue more accurately. Sales team workflows can be automated for improved efficiency. Data on quotes and order status is centralized for a more organized sales process.

How challenging is CRM integration with ERP?

CRM integration with the core ERP system is key for manufacturers. CRM drives the sales process that the ERP will fulfill. Existing APIs providing proven integrations make connecting CRM to your ERP a standard step in deploying a CRM. Working with expert CRM consultants, who have integrated CRM to many ERP’s, is advisable for manufacturers to ensure smooth implementation.

What options work best for manufacturers - cloud vs on-premise CRM?

Cloud-based CRM systems have become more popular even among manufacturers due to lower upfront costs, faster deployment, easier scalability, and regular updates. This reduces costs and risks for both your CRM and ERP deployments. However, on-premise CRM may still be preferred by manufacturers that want full control and customization or have security concerns over cloud.

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Tokara consultants not only have deep experience in the manufacturing industry, but also in the 'people-first' technologies like CRM and marketing automation that transform businesses by enabling the consistently exceptional client experiences that result in connection, trust, and long-term loyalty. Whatever your technology requirements, we're certain our seasoned professionals can deliver the results you need.


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