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Marketing, Sales, and Warranty Service CRM Software for Home Builders.

From their first point of contact through the sales, contracting, and option selection process, through closing and warranty service, we provide a comprehensive CRM tool providing 360 degree view of your prospects and home buyers.

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We deliver solutions that are Custom-Built for the homebuilding and real estate industry.

Technology Tools Designed
with Your Business in Mind

Whether you’re in the business of financing, building, selling, servicing, or managing homes or property, we deliver the systems and infrastructure you need to reduce costs, shorten sales cycles, increase productivity, and ensure long-term growth.

With an industry-tailored CRM system, begin creating customers for life with a streamlined sales and marketing solution that engages your audience, builds trust and loyalty, and strengthens both profit and margins.

  • Automated marketing
  • Lead capture, profiling, qualification, distribution, & lead nurturing
  • Marketing ROI tracking
  • Structured sales methodology
  • Quote & contract management
  • Service & warranty tracking
  • Home inspection management
  • Sales management
  • Financial calculator
  • Homebuyer surveying
  • Risk management
  • Fully mobile CRM

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Custom-Built Features
for Customer Connection

With the ability to easily capture, analyze, and act on customer intelligence, homebuilders real estate professionals can aggregate and review information across the business, gathering actionable insights to guide effective decision making and more easily adapt to a constantly-changing market.

Imagine running your business with an industry-tailored CRM system that truly enables you to manage customer experience and sales within one centralized, fully- integrated system.

Tokara's Homebuilder CRM delivers fully-integrated, industry-specific capabilities that deepen insight into operational performance across your business, streamline and speed processes across the value chain, and radically improve responsiveness to complex, time-critical customers requirements.

Leverage Low-Cost Online Channels

Capitalize on the more than 70% of homebuyers using the web to search for homes by effectively attracting and capturing online leads.

Improve Lead Volume & Quality

Attract higher-volume, better-quality leads with fewer marketing resources using personalized, multi-wave e-marketing campaigns, online event management, and automated literature fulfillment.

Accelerate Follow Up

Ensure every lead is immediately delivered to the right agent or channel and consistently followed up on by automating marketing and lead management.

Speed the Sales Cycle

Shorten the sales cycle and lower the cost of sales by focusing efforts on prospects who are ready to buy.

Automate Sales Processes

Streamline the sales process and reduce administrative time with automated prospecting, configuration, quoting, financing, and contract management.

Boost Referrals

Increase repeat sales and customer referrals by improving communications and implementing ‘tell a friend’ programs.

Improve Customer Care

Engage prospects and customers in the channels they want, with the devices they want to use, at the time they want to engage. Ensure superior levels of responsiveness to customers that build relationship, trust, and loyalty—alongside sustainable revenue growth and profit.

Builders asked us for
end-to-end sales &
marketing functionality.
We listened & delivered.


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How can builders use CRM data to optimize close rate?

Builders can optimize their close rate using CRM data by leveraging detailed customer insights to personalize interactions, track customer engagement throughout the sales cycle, and identify patterns in successful conversions. By analyzing CRM data, builders can fine-tune their sales strategies, target the right prospects with customized solutions, and improve follow-up processes.

Can CRM help builders manage warranty claims?

Yes, CRM can log service requests, needed repairs, and completed fixes, streamlining the warranty fulfillment process and resolving defects efficiently. This feature is indispensable for Homebuilders looking to maintain their reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.

How does CRM support the option selection process?

CRM supports the option selection process by providing a centralized platform for tracking customer preferences and interactions. The insights gained from CRM help in tailoring options to meet specific customer needs, ensuring a more personalized and satisfying customer experience. As a result, CRM becomes an invaluable tool ensuring both the salesperson and customer have a comprehensive list of all the options available, while simultaneously simplifying the selection process.

How can CRM improve lead generation and sales for builders?

CRM centralizes prospect data from all marketing efforts, nurtures leads with targeted campaigns, allows for easy tagging of leads by source and status, and provides actionable analytics to optimize lead conversion. These features are essential for Homebuilders aiming to boost their lead generation and sales efforts.

How does CRM enhance the home buying experience for customers?

A unified profile within CRM provides agents with a 360-degree view of the customer, allowing them to deliver highly personalized service. CRM also ensures seamless hand-offs between sales and construction teams, creating a smooth and stress-free home buying journey for customers.

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