Email Management System

Manage your email communications and create support tickets by capturing
emails created and received by employees in a single central location.

Email Management System

Expertly manage all email communications and boost productivity

Providing an intuitive and easy to use system, our Email Manage System manages all email communications in one central location. Supporting any number of mailboxes, Tokara’s EMS product helps create service tickets so your customers are never left stranded. Furthermore, Tokara’s EMS tackles major issues and provides unparalleled features to help boost employee productivity!

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Tokara EMS

What’s in it for your business?

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Increased productivity for employees

Drastically reducing the time spent checking work emails, Tokara’s EMS provides advanced searches that enable users to utilize smart tagging and filtering to find specific items in emails. Similarly, Tokara’s EMS is fully customizable to fit the needs of your userbase.

Tackles major issues with Microsoft Graph

With Microsoft deprecating HTTP Connections, Basic Authentication, and POP3 due to security reasons, Tokara’s EMS solves each of the following issues by utilizing a modern Exchange Graph API. Furthermore, with the degradation of Basic Authentication, Tokara has altered the connection type to accommodate the new Outlook Authentication/API Authentication.

Simple to install

Tokara’s EMS is designed specifically to be installed in a quick and easy manner. Fully compatible with Office365, we expect that you can have this up and running in hours, not weeks.

Tokara EMS

Features & Functionality

Increased security with Microsoft Graph

For users that want the most protection for confidential data and email conversations, Tokara’s EMS utilizes Microsoft Graph to ensure your information will always remain secure.

Creates and updates records in Pivotal

Utilizing business logic, Tokara’s EMS captures all significant data to automatically create, or update records within your Pivotal system.

Any number of mailboxes supported

Understanding the importance of managing all emails, Tokara’s EMS supports any number of company mailboxes to capture emails and create support tickets.

Tokara EMS will support your existing customized functionality

Ensuring that Tokara’s EMS is easy to install and operate, our product will support any current customized functionality of your Pivotal system.