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As one of the most important related industries in the home buying process, Title & Escrow companies need a viable CRM system that provides them with all the information at their fingertips. Faced with finding any obstacle that may prevent a legal transfer of ownership, CRM serves as a powerful tool to provide a 360-degree view into each relationship, profile, and history of all your accounts and contacts. Subsequently, one of the best ways to do so is with a flexible Title 360 solution that integrates CRM into your title, settlement, and escrow software.


While an out-of-the-box CRM system sounds appealing as a quick fix for companies without a viable CRM, the lack of an industry-specific CRM with an integration could make the difference between boom or bust. By using an integrated CRM with Qualia, RamQuest, Resware, or Softpro, not only do you give your staff a customized platform explicitly designed for the Title & Escrow industry, you instantly gain a competitive advantage over those in your industry. Proven to increase monthly closings by over 40%, utilizing an integration with your CRM platform delivers you with all the tools you need to create a great customer experience from Sales and Marketing through to Escrow. As a result, fully understanding the importance of the Title & Escrow industry, Qualia, RamQuest, Resware, and Softpro provide a centralized information source designed to keep track of every order, referral source, and other parties involved in each transaction.

An integrated CRM through our Title 360 solution provides a competitive edge and helps significantly reduce costs and works alongside your staff. Equipped with an easy-to-understand system requiring minimal training, an integrated CRM ensures your staff has all the tools they need to succeed right from the get-go. Without having to spend valuable time and money training your staff, your company no longer has to be concerned about the risk of a ballooning TCO. Aided with the help of easily accessible information and offline mobile access, integrated CRM offers unparalleled support to your staff, wherever they are.

Finally, use CRM and Ramquest, Qualia, Resware, or Softpro together to grow your business with the help of automation. Automated workflows and alerts will make your staff aware of new contacts, closing dates, company growth or decline, and key events. Furthermore, with the help of automated analytics, you will now be able to prioritize time with the right parties to ensure you close more deals than ever before. The value of automation provides support that can only be found through the power of integration. As a result, a CRM integration solution should be cost-effective to install, maintain and upgrade, no matter whether the organization is a multi-national company, or a regional Title company with a small IT department.


Specifically for Title Companies, SugarCRM’s platform ensures you can gather information about all legal requirements from the first time a land title claim is requested. Obtaining information from first contact enables your Title Company to provide a unique, tailored experience to ensure you close more deals. Consequently, CRM is specifically designed to provide information and services which enhance the customer experience and help you stand out from the competition. Thus, SugarCRM’s award-winning platform captures interactions and uses this information to go above and beyond customer expectations.

SugarCRM gives your Title Company all the information you need to be transparent and help build relationships with the Real Estate firms bringing you business. As a central hub providing information about all your interactions with the firms and people you work with, SugarCRM offers an excellent platform to facilitate an un-paralleled customer experience. Focusing on delivering a CRM to help build relationships, SugarCRM ensures you close more opportunities faster than ever before.


In such an integral industry within the home buyers process, integrated CRM systems serves as the perfect tool to stand out and deliver unmatched services. SugarCRM’s tools enable Title Companies to gather vast amounts of information about the customer and provide a service tailored to their needs. With a centralized hub of information right at your fingertips, SugarCRM ensures that you build lasting relations with the Real Estate firms that you work alongside. As a result, the future of the Land Title industry will be one in which companies will deliver the highest quality services and information tailored specifically to each legal transfer of property. Click here to look at our SugarCRM for the Land Title Industry datasheet.

With many years of successful experience integrating CRMs for title companies, we know that there are many key points to help grow your business. Utilize our tips to ensure that you stand out from the competition using an integrated CRM for the land title industry. Reach out to use here and take that first step in gaining that competitive advantage!


Tokara Solutions delivers a complete 360-degree view of customers by integrating their Title 360 solution with the leading backend software, eliminating the need for manual data entry, reducing errors, and accelerating processing times. By leveraging the power of Qualia, Resware, Ramquest, Softpro, and Title 360, title & escrow companies unlock the potential of maximizing their data by identifying patterns, trends, and areas for improvement in real time. Fully integrating their Title 360 solution enables users to experience an intuitive, interactive, and easy-to-use business analytics platform with minimal training needed, readily available for all types of users, from sales and marketing teams to presidents.