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With the help of SugarCRM’s Sugar Serve, you are provided a streamlined platform that eliminates busy work and allows you to create effortless customer experiences. Simply, by getting better at customer interactions in your service department, you hold the key to turning customers into brand loyalists, which means they keep coming back to buy more.

Many organizations consider the function of servicing customers one way: as a costly necessity. For many organizations, the lack of a 360-degree customer view in CRM platforms diminishes the value of servicing customers. As a result, without the clear connection to revenue that the Marketing and Sales departments have, Service departments are often seen as cost centers.


The demand is apparent. Every time customers call you for help, they want to feel remembered, appreciated, and known. They want you to give them what they want quickly and happily, and maybe even give them a little something extra. For example, a recommendation, a preferred price, or a sneak peek at the newest version of their favorite product.

The traditional call center will struggle to provide that level of service, yet customer expectations only continue to increase. Organizations that want to meet demand and exceed expectations need to take the next step—from call center to contact center.

A contact center is what every call center wants to be when it grows up. A fully formed, efficient interaction machine that’s running on all cylinders. Across every customer-reaching function in your company.

Subsequently, Sugar Serve helps capture tracking, management, escalation, and resolution of customer service requests, improving productivity. Sugar Serve achieves this on the foundation of a complete, personalized view of every customer and their needs and preferences. By unifying customer data across Sugar Serve, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Market, SugarCRM delivers more personalized, ‘one & done’ interactions at lower costs.

Sugar Serve fundamentally transforms the customer experience, enabling you to do business how your customers want. Which you’ll find they will like—a lot.

Tactical call center agents solve customer problems. Strategic contact center agents collaborate seamlessly with sales and marketing to generate leads and close deals. Using Sugar Serve, agents spend less time per call, increase their volume, and provide solutions more often on the first call. Inbound agents close sales, process orders, develop quotes and gather feedback on products. Outbound agents segment customers, generate and qualify leads and calculate marketing ROI.

With the right contact center strategy and Sugar Serve application, companies can:

  • Deliver a positive service and brand experience to customers
  • Create proactive interactions with customers
  • Reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of service
  • Increase revenue with every customer interaction
  • Improve key performance indicators
  • Outperform larger competitors
  • Outmaneuver competitors quickly to take market share

Excellent customer service is no longer only about providing phone-based service and support centers. Instead, it’s the epicenter of the customer relationship, where innovative marketing, selling, and servicing converge daily to create satisfied customers and build a positive customer and brand experience.


Technology advancements have raised the bar for service excellence. is an excellent example of a company that knows how to keep customers coming back time and time again. It has set a new standard for the ideal customer experience.

When visiting, it’s easy to find what you want online. However, your positive customer experience is not limited to the Web. You receive consistent, personalized service across all channels. When people have a satisfying service experience at, it raises their expectations. Customers believe that all companies should be able to live up to this level of service.

As consumers, we find ourselves wondering why this level of service isn’t available to us when an airline loses our bags. When we’re at work, we wonder why we can’t explain why a much-needed shipment hasn’t been delivered on time to a valued customer. So, every company must ask, ‘How do we compare against the companies already delivering world-class service?’

Innovative corporate leaders are initiating a new conversation about the role of CRM in their customer service strategies. These corporate leaders recognize that they have an opportunity to differentiate from their competitors by delivering a more compelling and rewarding customer experience across all channels of interaction. Consequently, companies must be able to implement a CRM, such as SugarCRM, that delivers on your company’s vision for the ideal customer experience and measures the success of this strategy over time.

How Sugar Serve Reduces Interaction Costs

  • Helps your customers help themselves with a branded self-service portal and knowledge base without ever having to pick up the phone
  • Immediately displays screen pops with relevant customer information on your desktop
  • Provides information you need to handle a call quickly and effectively, including customer account status, recently received special promotional offers, or service history on a particular product

How Sugar Serve Increases Revenue from Interactions

  • Automates the delivery of tools and information designed to help you recognize up- and cross-selling opportunities with each customer
  • Provides you with an easy-to-use interface so that you can position additional products and services without extensive training

How Sugar Serve Increases Customer Satisfaction

  • Personalizes customer interactions across every communication channel
  • Provides you the knowledge required to give customers quick, accurate answers, including access to all sales, and marketing-related interactions
  • Delivers multimedia interaction including phone, e-mail, Web chat, and Web collaboration so that customers can interact across their preferred channel of communication
  • Automates the routing of customer requests from across any communication channel to the most qualified agent—for example, segment and flag the most valuable customers and automatically send them to a select group of senior-level agents each time
  • Captures interaction history with screen pops so that you don’t have to ask customers to repeat information they’ve already provided through Web self-service
  • SugarPredict AI Engine enables marketing, sales, and service teams to learn and adapt quickly to customer needs

How SugarCRM Increases Productivity

  • Provides a personalized, intuitive desktop that consolidates all the tools and information you need into a single interface
  • Embed omnichannel customer communications seamlessly into a single service console UI to streamline support
  • Shaves valuable time off every call with a floating telephony toolbar on the desktop that gives you the ability to pick up and transfer calls quickly

How SugarCRM Reduces Training Costs

  • Simplifies the service desktop and tailors to your unique processes, people, and products, giving you an intuitive, understandable easy-to-navigate interface
  • Provides one-click access to critical information through web-based, user-friendly browsers

Allows you to easily position additional products and services with dynamic scripting, eliminating the need for extensive training


Companies should no longer tolerate the complexities and shortfalls of a multi-vendor solution to meet their complete CRM and contact center requirements. Instead, look for SugarCRM to provide an end-to-end solution that includes infrastructure, multimedia channels, and a single interface. Patching together divergent solutions from multiple vendors is a much more unpredictable exercise, requiring expandable budgets and resources and a high-risk tolerance. SugarCRM provides one complete, unified, sensible, standards-based, and cost-effective solution.


Service today is driven by the new reign of the contact center. The reign of the contact center is driven by the need for close integration with a complete CRM system, such as SugarCRM. Gone is the traditional role of the agent as a problem-solver, responsible for just one aspect of the customer relationship. Now, agents’ market, sell, and transform themselves from cost-producing to revenue-producing. All while improving the quality of the customer experience.

When a service team becomes profitable, the focus changes from solving problems to creating brand loyalists. Thus, when customers feel good about doing business with you, you’ll see it impact the bottom line because they’ll be coming back to buy more.


The business landscape is anything but static. Having a fully integrated, end-to-end CRM for every step in the customer journey is essential for any business looking to achieve the most while maintaining an ease of mind! Learn more about how Tokara Solutions can set you up with SugarCRM!