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What You Really Need to Know about Consent (& Other Critical Changes)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP)—approved by European Union officials in April 2016 and in effect as of May 25 of this year—is legislation designed primarily to give consumers more control over their own data, and its collection by companies they’ve interacted with, primarily online. And while news stories may still be focusing on what that means for tech giants like Google and Facebook, there’s no question it also has serious implications for marketers (and companies) who simply use CRM and marketing automation tools—regardless of where they’re physically located.

The Changing Face of ‘Consent’—Here and Now

Based on both the immediacy and impact of this legislation for ‘all-things-CRM-and-marketing-automation,’ we’re introducing a new Tokara CRM blog and newsletter series for clients, partners, and prospects, covering what you really need to know about GDPR.

We’ll follow two ‘bottom line’ articles with two additional segments—one that outlines how to leverage your CRM and marketing automation tools for compliance, and a second on why companies determined to embrace GDPR changes are likely to strengthen both relationships with customers and their bottom lines:

  • Just the Facts Ma’am: A Quick Introduction to GDPR History & Requirements


  • But I’m Not in Europe! What GDPR Means for Companies outside the EU


  • GDPR & the Letter of the Law: Leveraging CRM & Marketing Automation for Compliance


  • Using GDPR for Competitive Advantage: Why Embracing Requirements Can Mean Big Boosts in Customer Connection

As always, we encourage you to submit feedback on what we publish, as well as any related topics you’d like us to research for additional content you’d find valuable.

We’ve Got You Covered—Microsite Development for Critical CRM Topics

And consistent with Tokara’s other recent ‘people-first’-focused website changes, we’re also creating a dynamic and carefully curated list of resources you and your teams can use for reference—and we’ll keep those resources updated on a topical microsite we’ll point you to in the first article in the series. If you’re a marketer, hold on tight—we’re in for a wild (and potentially wildly beneficial) ride!