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Disruptive Tech & Strategies Set to Deliver Competitive Advantage

After years of what felt like incremental improvements in CRM and marketing automation tools, 2018 ushers in a new age of innovation for marketers, bringing technologies that sounded futuristic just a few years ago into the mainstream, making them accessible to companies of all sizes, and using them to drive innovation and disrupt their competition.

Unicorns Breed New Tech, New Thinking
(Can You Say ‘Chaos Monkey’?)

If you’ve been a marketer for long, you can almost feel that in 2018, we sit in a fundamentally different place than ever before. In their relentless drive to avoid their own disruption, we’ve seen ‘unicorns’ like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Netflix push the limits of technology to create the impossible in their attempts to gain competitive advantage and disrupt entire industries.

Game-Changing Innovations Reach the
Enterprise, ‘Ready for Prime Time’

But in 2018, we also see the lightening-speed advances in tech from these and other market leaders merging with more ‘standard’ enterprise systems/platforms like CRM and marketing automation in the mainstream to entirely reinvent and redefine the software tools we’ve known for years as marketers, supercharging them in the process.

CRM Trends in the Brave New
World of Digital Transformation

And in this new land of digital transformation—where (of necessity) ‘every company is a technology company’—we also see fundamental changes in perspective, strategy, and focus that as marketers, we can’t afford to ignore. The following are just a few of the topics we’ll cover in Tokara’s ‘Top CRM Trends’ series—as always, we welcome your feedback on the content we’ve created as well as suggestions on related topics you’d like to know more about:

  • AI & Machine Learning Take CRM Center Stage: Increased Investment Reflects Focus on ‘Surgically-Precise Personalization’


  • Deciding Who Owns Your CRM Platform: IT Delivers Big Benefits in Innovation and Agility as Digital Complexity Intensifies


  • CRM that Keeps Customer Experience (CX) Front & Center: ‘Do unto Others’ Leading Most Successful Digital Transformation Efforts


  • Actionable CRM Analytics for Better/Faster/Smarter Decision Making: Finding the Holy Grail of ‘Actionable Insights’ in Mountains of Data

Dynamic Resource Repository for CRM Trends

And because we understand it’s critical for our customers, partners, and prospects to always have access to updated resources around best practices and trends in CRM and marketing automation, we’re also adding a microsite on the topic to house the dynamic and carefully curated resources you and your teams can use for reference—look for the link in the next article in the series!

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