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Tokara’s Pivotal UX Readiness Assessment Services Provide Step-by-Step Support for Optimized Upgrades

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At Tokara, we understand your CRM solution is an investment, and we’re dedicated to making sure your systems are working to their top potential every day, because we know how important it is to your teams and what they are able to accomplish. One of the ways we help keep you up and running is by helping you migrate to the latest platform available for your CRM software, so you’re always up-to-date, connected, and ready to respond when your employees and clients need you. Today, we’re taking a look at our Pivotal UX Readiness Assessment Services, and how we help our customers transition to the latest offering on the Pivotal platform, from initial assessment to deployment, and every step in between.

Pivotal UX Readiness Assessment

Part of the Pivotal 6.5 platform, the Pivotal UX Client is a device and browser-agnostic application with zero client footprint that lets your teams harness the power of CRM on their favorite devices—including notebooks, smartphones, and tablets—at any time they need it, greatly enhancing mobility and efficiency. Before integrating this solution, however, careful attention must be paid to your existing Pivotal CRM setup, as well as the ways you want to use your systems in the future, to ensure the move is a streamlined and effective one for your organization.

Not sure where to start? That’s where we come in. Our team of CRM experts is not only experienced in CRM integration—we are also highly skilled CRM consultants ready to provide the professional insight and management you need to ensure a smooth migration to the Pivotal UX Client solution. Our support starts at the very beginning, at our “Roadmap Phase,” where we’ll help you make your decision and set your implementation timeline, making sure everyone understands the next steps before moving ahead. Then, our experts will review your current Pivotal CRM solution and validate existing software (including hot fixes, service packs, and applications) to ensure your systems are optimized to run at top efficiency on Pivotal 6.5. Once you’re ready, we’ll be there to walk you through deployment, sharing our advice and input as necessary to help you get back to work quickly, reducing costly and burdensome downtime.

We know that your organization’s business goals and needs are unique, and so are the ways you leverage your Pivotal CRM system to fulfill them. To that end, our services are not only comprehensive—they’re also flexible, customized to meet your specific objectives and use cases. In the event you require a more in-depth CRM consultation before upgrading, our Pivotal Business Model analysis services are available, providing you the cost estimates and detailed overview necessary before making the move.

Our Pivotal UX Readiness Assessment services are only one way Tokara is committed to helping you get the most out of your CRM investment. We offer full lifecycle support across the Pivotal CRM platform, including Pivotal Performance Health Checks, Pivotal Mobile implementations, Pivotal 6 CRM upgrades, and many more—so no matter where you are, or what new CRM technology you’re considering, we’ve got you covered.

If you’d like greater detail on the performance benefits users are seeing from our Pivotal UX Readiness Assessment, we’d love to speak to you. In the meantime, to learn more about how our seasoned CRM consultants can deliver this functionality to your business, please contact any member of our consulting team at [email protected]. We also encourage you to contact Tokara’s VP of Business Development, Mark Fillingim, directly at +1 972-719-0213.

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