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Future Focused: Critical CRM Considerations for 2015

By January 13, 2015April 12th, 2023No Comments

The dawn of a new year is often synonymous with fresh opportunities, exciting changes, and re-vamped perspectives. For the technology arena, this means re-examining current areas of focus and identifying new and emerging trends that may redefine the way users deploy, interact with, and share knowledge.

CRM Trends for 2015

To this end, Tokara is excited to introduce a new blog series titled, “Future Focused: Critical CRM Considerations for 2015.” Over the next few weeks, we’ll delve into the top CRM trends for this year, all predicted to alter the way employees strategize, manage, organize, and implement CRM best practices.

This knowledge isn’t simply nice-to-know—it’s mission-critical. There are more than 60 trillion individually indexed web pages available today, and the average e-mail subscriber receives 416 commercial messages monthly. Reaching your customers is arguably more difficult now than ever, but there’s also never been a better time to harness the power of CRM technology to help create and manage those connections.

In an ecosystem as diverse and rich as what we see for many CRM systems today, innovation and imagination are critical to discovering new tools and capabilities, and new ways to use tools to achieve goals maximize system efficiency. In keeping with these themes, this series will focus on the following trends predicted for 2015 and beyond:

  1. Customer Experience: Knowledge sharing and smart communication as brand identifiers and a new spin on traditional rewards programs
  2. Personalization and Customization: A transformation of static web pages into dynamic, interactive online territories that create tailored customer interactions
  3. Multi-Channel: Shifting offline dynamism into online personality for a seamless and consistent brand image, with a focus on mobility
  4. Mobile, Wearables, and Geolocation: Innovations in employee communication and consumer outreach via real-time technology
  5. Analytics: Advanced business intelligence tools that provide deeper data insights and boost system ROI
  6. Web Content and Microsites: Smarter product promotion and a more personal, customized web experience

Join us next week as we kick off our new series. In the meantime, to learn more about these new technologies and how our seasoned CRM consultants can deliver this functionality to your business, please contact any member of our consulting team at [email protected]. We also encourage you to contact Tokara’s VP of Business Development, Mark Fillingim, directly at +1 972-719-0213.


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