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Upgrade to Pivotal 6 PCM for Leading Pharma Company Highlights Tokara’s CRM Expertise

By September 5, 2013April 12th, 2023No Comments

With engineers boasting 10 to 15 years of Pivotal CRM experience before even joining the company, Tokara Solutions’ ability to offer the highest available level of Pivotal CRM expertise available in the marketplace is unquestioned. But what further differentiates this veteran CRM consultancy continues to be their unwavering commitment to engaging with clients in a long-term partnership model focused around that client’s individual needs and business requirements. A recent upgrade to Pivotal 6.0 PCM for Tokara client in the pharmaceutical industry highlights both the value clients derive when ‘partnership’ is taken to the next level and the reasons Tokara includes this relational component in every aspect of technical engagement.

With thousands of clients of their own across the globe, this leading pharmaceutical company knew first hand how robust and powerful the Pivotal platform had already proven to be in effectively reaching and communicating with clients and prospects. This history with the technology drove them to plan future development projects on the platform, including an upcoming mobile tablet solution for their sales team.

After the company’s initial engagement of Tokara Solutions for a Pivotal Health Check to ensure their system was performing efficiently, it partnered again with Tokara for an upgrade from Pivotal 6.0 CMS to Pivotal 6.0 PCM, a move they knew would leave them well positioned to move forward with new projects and development activities designed to maximize the effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts. Because the upgrade to Pivotal 6.0 PCM would require that their system be essentially rebuilt from the ground up, the company worked closely with the Tokara team to ensure they fully understood the company’s business operations and processes, including customizations that had been made to their existing Pivotal CMS system.

Said a company representative close to the project, “We were looking for a top-tier professional services partner who was really committed to the long-term relationship, and we couldn’t have made a better choice. As they transitioned us from Pivotal CMS to Pivotal PCM, most users didn’t even notice a hiccup in performance – and any issues that did emerge were immediately resolved by the Tokara team. I can’t say enough good things about Tokara’s engineers, businesses analysts – really all of their technical resources. Especially for a project of this magnitude, things could not have gone more smoothly — they did excellent work.”

Says Shawn Grant, President and Founder of Tokara Solutions, “We’re very fortunate to have a technical team with resources who have spent their entire careers making Pivotal projects successful across a range of industries – most of them had 10 to 15 years of experience with the software before they even began working with us. That’s the foundation that enables us to be one the most specialized Pivotal Premier partners worldwide. But we find that what really defines us in our clients’ eyes is our ability to pair this level of expertise with an equally powerful focus on them – on understanding their business and knowing how they define ‘success.’ This relational component really drives our interactions with every client and ensures they end up seeing the business results they need to see from their investment in CRM technology. We want them to view us as an extension of their own team and have a really high level of comfort that we’re in it with them over the long haul. We’re redefining what it means to be a ‘partner’ in the software industry, and finding that what results from this strategy is genuinely a win for everyone involved.”

For details on upgrades to Pivotal 6.0 CRM or any of Tokara Solutions’ CRM, marketing automation, or business intelligence offerings, please visit or contact Mark Fillingim, VP of Business Development, at 972-719-0213.