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Marketo Partner Tokara Solutions Highlights Benefits of Marketing Automation

By August 22, 2013July 20th, 2022No Comments

Many of you already know about our recent partnership with Marketo, an industry-leading provider of marketing automation solutions. As a Marketo partner, we continue to provide our clients innovative, effective CRM and business intelligence technologies for their business, while increasing the scope and depth of the marketing automation solutions we offer.

Marketo Partner Tokara Solutions Highlights Benefits of Marketing Automation

In our new position as a Marketo partner, we’re developing this series of blog posts to provide a high-level overview of features and benefits you can expect to see in your marketing when using Marketo. Following last week’s posting on email marketing, this week’s blog highlights some of the most significant aspects of automating your marketing with an easy-to-use software program like Marketo that doesn’t require technical expertise or previous knowledge of HTML.

One of the reasons we became a Marketo partner is that we saw all the ways the software would increase return on our clients’ investments in marketing, allowing them to customize and automate their marketing efforts based on the unique needs of their business. Let’s begin with Marketo’s virtually instant CRM integration. This out-of-the-box feature allows you to enter the credentials of whatever CRM software you use and automatically integrates nearly all of your data with the Marketo software, ensuring that any changes—additions or deletions—made to either system are updated in both.

Clients can also automate their marketing efforts with lead scoring, a simple, but profoundly powerful element of functionality offered as part of Marketo’s software. Weighted leads are generated from audience behaviors that include actions like website views, email click-thrus, and completed forms. The data from these audience actions are then compiled and prioritized based on criteria such as how the prospect connected or a specific element of their demographic makeup that you deem important to your campaign. Lead scoring enables your marketing and sales teams to easily determine how likely or unlikely a particular prospect is to buy now or in the future, and ensures that the most promising prospects can be followed up with sooner rather than later, increasing conversion and thus, the return on your technology investment.

Marketo also includes lead nurturing functionality that allows you to easily and consistently provide relevant, timely communication with prospects who are not yet ready to buy so that when they are ready, they are still connected to and familiar with you, and the business value your company offers is still top of mind.

Many other types of marketing are also automated within Marketo, including email marketing (discussed in last week’s blog) and event marketing, where users are able to maximize the lead-generation potential of both in-person and virtual events with software that simplifies and streamlines how your marketing team organizes and promotes an event, as well as how it captures information on attendees, making it easy to analyze event results and effectively follow up with prospects.

Tune in next week for details on how Marketo addresses inbound marketing to ensure you are able to quickly and easily get the most out of your marketing efforts – minimizing the effort required to achieve maximum sales and marketing results.

For details on Marketo marketing automation software, or to find out more about how our consultants can deliver this functionality to your business as a Marketo partner, please contact any member of our consulting team at [email protected]. We also encourage you to contact Tokara’s VP of Business Development, Mark Fillingim, directly at +1 972-719-0213.