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SalesChief for Pivotal 6 CRM: VP of Sales Use Case

By August 1, 2013April 12th, 2023No Comments

For those of you who following our blog series featuring the business intelligence functionality made possible by SalesChief, you already know SalesChief is accessible to Pivotal 6 CRM users from within a dedicated tab in the Pivotal application. Once you’ve opened Pivotal SalesChief, you can see that the application is comprised of four main tabs: Sales Performance, Opportunity Analysis, Marketing Effectiveness, and Lead Analysis.

As a follow-on to the high-level overviews provided to date in this series, today’s blog examines a typical use case for SalesChief within any sales organization, namely, that of a VP of Sales who is evaluating the performance of sales team members against pre-determined criteria and metrics.

For a VP of Sales, data made available through Pivotal CRM SalesChief provides critical insight in preparing to conduct reviews on sales reps based on the previous year’s performance as well as in establishing development plans for improved performance. From the sales team list, a VP can immediately select any member (or members) of the team to analyze performance; selected team member(s) will be highlighted in green.

For a selected rep, the VP can immediately see performance data such as the number of accounts sold to and the total amount of business closed. The VP can also see how closely the amount of closed business aligns with that rep’s forecasting for the year; this of course is a critical component for any publicly traded company having to answer to investors and the analyst community.

Moving to the Opportunity Analysis tab, the VP can view a breakdown of sales performance, by rep – the default dollar unit used for sales can be easily toggled to show sales as a percentage, and the ‘quick change’ option allows for this data to be represented in a pie chart (default), block diagram, or bar chart — whichever format is most useful to the user.

Within this tab, the VP can see any discrepancies in the performance of sales reps, compare performance, and perhaps most importantly, can drill down into the details that reveal what distinguishes high- from low-performing reps.

Next week’s post will drill deeper into how this sales performance data can be used to compare techniques and level of success among sales team members, evaluating their sales performance against metrics and methodologies. It will also examine how a VP of Sales can easily use of SalesChief as a performance review and training tool. For details on SalesChief, we encourage you to contact any member of our Pivotal consulting team at [email protected]. You can also feel free to contact Tokara’s VP of Business Development, Mark Fillingim, directly at +1 972-719-0213.