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Tokara Redefines Partnership in Pivotal 6 Upgrade for Kantar Retail

By July 17, 2013June 14th, 2023No Comments

A hallmark of Tokara Solutions’ success as Pivotal CRM consultants has always been their focus on providing the highest level of Pivotal expertise coupled with an unflinching commitment to engaging with clients in a true partnership model. A recent Pivotal 6 upgrade for Tokara client Kantar Retail illustrates both the value clients derive when ‘partnership’ is more than a marketing buzz word and the reasons Tokara extends it to every aspect of consultant engagement.

As a global consultancy providing insight and transformational growth solutions to leading blue chip brands and companies around the world, Kantar Retail makes powerful use of its Pivotal CRM solution, and fully understood the tangible benefits the company would see with an upgrade to Pivotal 6.0. Combining the best attributes of superior interface design with substantially increased functionality and ease of use, Kantar Retail chose Tokara Solutions as their partner in transitioning to Pivotal 6.0.

In working through upgrade details with Tokara, Kantar Retail wanted to ensure its own internal team was fully engaged and knowledgeable on all aspects of the software so the company wouldn’t need to rely heavily on external teams for future development requirements they might have. Customizing the engagement around the client’s requirements, Tokara fully integrated Kantar Retail’s technical team into the upgrade effort, providing side-by-side training and assigning appropriate tasking to team members, effectively leaving the team not only with a superior CRM product, but also with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain and further customize the solution moving forward.

Says Ginelle Davidson, MIS Director at Kantar Retail, “There’s no question the Tokara team has solid expertise in Pivotal CRM – but the added component that makes working with them entirely different is that their expertise comes with a commitment to partner in whatever way is best for that client. In our case, internal development teams worked side-by-side with Tokara’s consultants in a ‘train-the-trainer’ –style setup that prepared us to walk away from the upgrade not only with software we know we’ll see real ROI from, but a product we’re really able to ‘own’ in terms of future development needs we might have. It also meant our upgrade happened faster and with substantially lower cost than would have been the case in a more traditional implementation scenario.”

Says Shawn Grant, President and Founder of Tokara Solutions, “As a baseline, we ensure our Pivotal consultants really are the best in the industry – most of them have 10 to 15 years of experience with the software across a range of industries. But as one of the most specialized Pivotal Premier partners worldwide, we’re committed to more than just the expertise – we’re truly focused on making sure our clients see real results from their technology investment. This means that in every engagement, we’re looking at what ‘success’ means for that specific client, and how we can customize our model and our interactions with them to make sure they see the business results they need while also viewing Tokara as almost a part of their own team over the long term. We’re redefining what it means to be a ‘partner’ in the software industry because we think what results is a win for everyone.”

For details on Pivotal upgrades or any of the CRM offerings of Tokara Solutions, please visit or contact Mark Fillingim, VP of Business Development, at 972-719-0213.