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Pivotal 6 Upgrades: Feature and Function Enhancements

By April 26, 2013April 12th, 2023No Comments

As you may know, as a follow-up to our recent blog series on Pivotal upgrades and the tangible benefits businesses can expect from an upgrade to Pivotal 6, last week we heard from Bruce Biron, Managing Consultant at Tokara Solutions. Bruce shared some of his thoughts on why a Pivotal upgrade is such a game-changer for clients who engage him and his team. Last week’s post focused on the enhanced ‘look and feel’ that impact nearly every aspect of user productivity. This is what he had to say this week on features and functionality you can expect with a Pivotal 6 upgrade.

“One thing that’s immediately apparent in all the enhancements we see in Pivotal 6 is: it’s all about the end user. And one of the ways this focus becomes immediately clear is in productivity enhancements – for example, the integration between Outlook and Pivotal 6 is completely seamless. So if your end users spend most of their day in these two systems (which many end users do), it’s not only easier to work in these applications that are now so intuitively and comprehensively integrated, but it also saves each user an enormous amount of time (increasing productivity) and ensures every critical piece of data is saved and available everywhere it needs to be. This is one of the pieces of functionality in a Pivotal 6 upgrade that users just can’t stop talking about.

Another Pivotal 6 upgrade feature end users love is Dashboards. As just one example, let’s take a look at a Sales Dashboard, which provides the sales executive with specific portals displaying critical information in different types of graph types as well in list format. Again, the combination of functionality and interface is intuitive, aesthetically appealing, and truly ‘friendly’ – all designed to facilitate the user’s own individual workflow so that both individual productivity and corporate ROI are maximized. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.”

Sales Dashboard

Tune in next week for Bruce’s thoughts on how Pivotal 6 enhancements affect development requirements and add access and flexibility for clients engaged in a Pivotal 6 upgrade.

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