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Pivotal 6 Upgrades: Enhancements to Look and Feel, Interface Design

By April 17, 2013April 12th, 2023No Comments

As many of you know, we’ve recently focused our blog series on Pivotal 6 upgrades and the tangible benefits businesses can expect from a Pivotal 6 upgrade. Then we realized, ‘Who better to tell us about this than someone who works every day with companies upgrading to Pivotal 6?’. So for the next few weeks, we’ve asked Bruce Biron, Managing Consultant at Tokara Solutions, to share some of his thoughts on why a Pivotal upgrade is so compelling to clients who engage him and his team. This is what he had to say.

“My entire career has focused on implementation of complex CRM applications in a range of vertical industries, so I feel confident in saying first and foremost: Pivotal 6 is simply a superior product in every way. It combines the best attributes of ‘look and feel’ with functionality and ease of use that make it a product users love and companies see real ROI from. So from my standpoint on the front lines, there are a number of elements clients really rave about – we’ll start with ‘Look and Feel.’.!–more–>

Everything about the look and feel of Pivotal 6 is designed with the user in mind. The interface is intuitive, aesthetically appealing, and truly ‘friendly’ – engaging the user to the point that this application becomes his/her central workspace. Whether you’re considering the streamlined navigation or feature-rich task bars, you immediately have access to everything you need to do your job in one centralized, well organized place – all designed in a way that facilitates the user’s own individual workflow.

Created using Visual Studio, even form design is engaging and intuitively laid out, as this screenshot of a Company Form illustrates. ‘Look and feel’ sounds like we’re talking about something subjective and artistic, but the truth is that when clients see screens like this they understand immediately the difference superior ‘look and feel’ and interface design will have on how efficiently they can get their jobs done.”

Pivotal 6 Upgrades: Enhancements to Look and Feel, Interface Design
Tune in next week for Bruce’s thoughts on Pivotal 6 features and functionality that delight his clients who are embarking on a Pivotal upgrade.

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