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Ready for a Pivotal 6 Upgrade? Know What Flexible Architecture Means to Your Business

By April 5, 2013April 12th, 2023No Comments

As a trusted Pivotal partner to the many clients we support, we have ring-side seats to many of the benefits a Pivotal 6 upgrade brings about for businesses who choose this path. Our most recent blog series has focused exclusively on tangible benefits businesses can expect from a Pivotal 6 upgrade – and this one is no different. Today’s post examines what you stand to gain from moving to the enhanced platform capabilities you have after a Pivotal 6 upgrade, specifically with regard to the data model and the flexibility of Pivotal’s CRM architecture.

We know ‘understanding data models’ might not sound too exciting, but we think the benefits make it worth a mention. The bottom line is this: clients who take advantage of a Pivotal upgrade are able to take advantage of a flexible and adaptable infrastructure that enables easy and effective scalability and allows them to take best advantage of the Pivotal platform to:

  • Reduce Costs: Achieve efficient and effective customization, configuration, and deployment in a standards-based multi-tier architecture
  • Facilitate Ongoing Customization: Adjust workflows when and as business requirements demand it
  • Increase Productivity: Use Internet-based standards to increase interoperability with other business systems

Upgraded Pivotal users enjoy a multi-tier architecture in which presentation services, business services, and data services are independent, making it possible to save considerable resources (time and money) by keeping application development, customization, and maintenance in the middle tier. Tune in next week for details on what your business gains in each tier when you embark on a Pivotal upgrade.

And don’t forget, you can still register for the year’s pre-eminent Pivotal event, Aptean Edge, which is right around the corner, May 13-15, at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Register to find out everything you’ve wanted to know about how a Pivotal upgrade can provide impressive return on your software investment, making your business more productive, competitive, and profitable. For details on any of the benefits outlined here or other elements of Pivotal support, please contact a member of our Pivotal consulting team at [email protected].