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Pivotal 6 Upgrades: Enhanced Analytics Functionality

By March 21, 2013April 12th, 2023No Comments

When we provide Pivotal consulting to clients, one of their primary goals is always to empower their team members to know more about their customers so they can engage with them more profitably. At the same time, we see first-hand the range of business benefits that result when our clients move to the latest version of the Pivotal CRM platform and applications. Today’s post covers the common ground between these areas and provides some detail around the enhanced customer insight that comes with a Pivotal 6 upgrade in the form of the robust Pivotal Analytics module.

At its core, Pivotal Analytics allows clients to gain maximum benefit from their investment in Microsoft in the form of CRM analytics based on the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform. The module provides users with a toolkit that allows them to efficiently and effectively analyze customer data and make better and faster decisions around how, where, and when to engage with these customers to maximize relationship, revenue, and profit.

Using an industry leading OLAP engine (Microsoft Analysis Services) as well as a robust server-based reporting solution (Microsoft Reporting Services), the customization tools that come in Pivotal Analytics are simple to use, provide a range of deployment options, and ensure a vendor-agnostic front end that can be used with virtually any business intelligence viewer.

And of course, standard requisite sales and marketing analytics come out of the box and ready to use, ensuring teams are up and running without delay, beginning to experience the full benefits of the module’s functionality almost immediately.

So whether our clients choose to implement the complete suite at once or incrementally by module, the bottom line around Pivotal 6 upgrades is the same: the results for our clients’ businesses is often dramatic. For more information Pivotal 6 upgrades, Pivotal Analytics, or other elements of Pivotal support we provide, please contact a member of our Pivotal consulting team at [email protected].