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Pivotal 6 Upgrades: Benefits for Mobile Users

By March 8, 2013July 20th, 2022No Comments

As a Premier Pivotal partner, the seasoned team at Tokara Solutions provides the full range of Pivotal support and consulting services our clients need. But as we’ve noted in previous posts, there is almost no area of Pivotal support we encounter that can ultimately make more of a difference to our customers’ success than the Pivotal 6 upgrade. This week, we’re taking a look at why a Pivotal 6 upgrade may provide exactly the tools your business needs to empower your mobile salesforce.

Almost irrespective of the industry segment your business is in, there’s no escaping the fact that today, mobile is everything. So business software that seamlessly provides mobile users the tools they need to do their jobs outside the office can make the difference in how competitive, and ultimately how successful, a business is. With a Pivotal upgrade, mobile users are able to benefit from the enhanced reliability and performance the latest versions of the software provide, enabling them to be as productive outside the office as they are inside.

As many of our clients already know, Pivotal Mobile Sales™ delivers a fully functional mobile CRM solution. In addition to accessing robust CRM functionality outside the office, mobile users can access the prospect, customer, and product data they need to do their jobs, even when they’re not behind a desk.

And what about administration? Using Pivotal SyncStream™, it’s as simple as a single-click client install package for mobile as well as office users, effectively reducing both the complexity of deployments and the administrative costs associated with them. Pivotal Mobile Client synchs in the background as soon as users in the field connect to their corporate network, so they can maximize productivity, even during the synchronization process. And say goodbye to resource-heavy updates that require users to be in the office — Pivotal’s mobile synchronization sessions also send out any necessary data changes, application updates, and service packs/hot fixes.

So whether you’re taking advantage of Pivotal’s tight integration with Microsoft Office applications or its ability to provide comprehensive CRM functionality to your business’ mobile users, it’s clear that a Pivotal CRM mobile upgrade can provide impressive return on your software investment, making your business more productive, competitive, and profitable. For details on any of the benefits outlined here or other elements of Pivotal support, please contact a member of our Pivotal consulting team at [email protected].