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Pivotal 6 Upgrades: Maximize the Value of MS Office Integration

By February 27, 2013April 12th, 2023No Comments

As a trusted Pivotal partner to the many clients we provide Pivotal support to, we see first-hand the real business benefits that result when they move to the latest version of the Pivotal CRM platform and applications with a Pivotal 6 upgrade. From within this set of benefits, today’s post covers some of the ways in which Pivotal integrates with standard Microsoft applications to bring users enhanced capability and productivity and allow developers greater customization options.

There is no question that embarking on a Pivotal 6 upgrade means heightened productivity – and one of the primary ways this occurs is via robust bi-directional integration with the ubiquitous Microsoft®Office® suite of products so heavily relied on by end users. Enhanced web services support means relevant data from Pivotal can be accessed directly from within Outlook, Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. It’s as easy as highlighting a word or phrase and clicking to see associated Pivotal data – and the data you’re looking for is brought directly into the Microsoft application you’re working in.

A Pivotal 6 upgrade also provides seamless integration between Pivotal and Outlook, allowing team members to create, edit, and manage emails from within Pivotal, as well as to link emails and attachments to ‘business objects’ that include contacts, opportunities, service requests, and companies. Perhaps best of all, this functionality can be accessed both in the workplace and while users are fully disconnected from the corporate VPN, providing a substantial boost to the productivity of increasingly mobile workforces.

Moving from benefits to the end user to benefits for the developer, a Pivotal upgrade also provides support for software customizations written in any Microsoft .NET language (including C# and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET), speeding the development and use of higher quality code and the ease with which customizations can be made. Pivotal even provides sample code to ‘jump start’ developers in writing custom CMS Application Server Rules in .NET languages.

So whether our clients choose to implement the complete suite at once or incrementally by module, the bottom line around Pivotal 6 upgrades is the same: the results for their business can be dramatic. For more information Pivotal upgrades or other elements of Pivotal support we provide, please contact a member of our Pivotal consulting team at [email protected].