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Considering a Pivotal 6 Upgrade? Know What’s in It for You

By February 22, 2013July 20th, 2022No Comments

As a Premier Pivotal partner, our team at Tokara Solutions provides the full range of Pivotal support and consulting services our clients need. But there is virtually no area of Pivotal support we see that can ultimately prove more critical to our customers’ success than embarking on a Pivotal 6 Upgrade that moves them to the latest version of the Pivotal CRM platform and applications. This post provides a high-level outline of just a few of the benefits a Pivotal 6 upgrade can bring to organizations that choose it; subsequent postings will cover several of these benefits in more granular detail.

What we see first-hand from clients who engage us for Pivotal support is that a Pivotal upgrade actually involves an exceptionally low total cost of ownership (TCO), while also ensuring these clients are able to quickly and efficiently customize, integrate, and deploy a solution to match their current and evolving business needs.

When we provide this type of Pivotal CRM support, we have clients who choose to implement one module at a time and clients who implement the entire suite. Regardless of the implementation strategy they choose, they achieve a number of immediate benefits in functionality, usability, administration, and customization that can literally be game-changers for their business, including:

  • Greater productivity
  • Simplified end-user experience
  • Improved mobility & streamlined administration
  • Extended reach
  • Smarter and faster decision making
  • Enhanced customization options

As a proven Pivotal partner, we have an exceptionally experienced and fully certified team, with members of our Pivotal consulting team averaging 10+ years of experience delivering Pivotal support. Collectively, we have successfully delivered hundreds of Pivotal upgrades. This is why we feel qualified to share the benefits we see first-hand when our clients upgrade to the most recent version of Pivotal.

Tune in next week for a more in-depth look at several of these benefits and a discussion on how they deliver tangible business results. For more information on any of the benefits outlined here or other elements of Pivotal support we provide, please contact a member of our Pivotal consulting team at [email protected].

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