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Boosting Business Productivity: A Look at Pivotal CRM Forms, Views, Access, & Diagnostics

By February 13, 2013October 4th, 2019No Comments

When we provide Pivotal support to clients, one of the goals they frequently articulate for us is their desire for team members to accomplish the requirements of their jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a Premier Pivotal partner, we have some insight into exactly how the software enables that to happen. Our last post covered several elements of the Pivotal CRM architecture that maximize the speed with which end-to-end business tasks can be completed – namely, through navigation structure, history, shortcuts, and portals. This post outlines a few additional aspects of Pivotal architecture that boost business productivity for our clients: configuration of smart client forms, view and access types, and diagnostics.

Smart Client Forms

As with virtually every other component of this robust software, Pivotal 6 CRM’s Smart Client forms provide end users with data that is truly customized to their specific needs, courtesy of the embedded Microsoft Visual Studio form designer. Each form offers not simply an end-user view, but also links to the supporting data structure as well as workflow and custom functionality, with shortcuts to commonly used data accessible with one click using Pivotal’s customizable Task Pad. Once again, Pivotal’s architecture powers productivity in allowing data to be both presented and accessed in the ways that make the most sense for an individual business and for its end users.

Views and Access

Pivotal 6 CRM’s Toolkit allows businesses the flexibility to provide specific types of data only to the people who need it, accessible only through appropriate devices, with performance optimized for the location from which the data is being accessed – the perfect mix of access, security, and efficiency. Views are customized to individuals or groups with differing levels of security, and accessible only to those with appropriate clearance.

Built-in Diagnostics

Pivotal 6 CRM also ensures optimal business productivity by allowing administrators to graphically view detailed performance measurements of the CRM system through its built-in diagnostics functionality, so that they are able to identify and address any potential network or system issues before end user efficiency and productivity are jeopardized.

As a trusted Pivotal 6 CRM partner to the many clients we provide Pivotal support to, we know this capable CRM system inside and out. We see it not only performing its primary tasks with ease, but also providing dramatic improvements in productivity for clients because it was built from the ground up with the user (and user behavior) in mind. For details on any of the benefits outlined here or other elements of Pivotal support, please contact a member of our Pivotal consulting team at [email protected].