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Architected for Speed: the Design behind Pivotal 6 CRM Application Performance

By January 31, 2013June 21st, 2023No Comments

Because Tokara Solutions is recognized as providing some of the highest-level Pivotal consulting and support across the globe, we have unique insight into not only the benefits the software provides to our clients, but also into the actual architecture that sets the software apart. In other words, when we act as Pivotal partners during a Pivotal implementation or even a Pivotal 6 CRM upgrade, we see firsthand that the CRM performance speed clients enjoy has been designed into the core of the software. This blog entry outlines just a few of the major design decisions that yield excellent Pivotal CRM performance in both speed and responsiveness – the next entry will examine in greater depth the business productivity gains that result from this unique architecture.

Optimization/Minimization of Server Round Trips

Pivotal 6 CRM is architected with clear definition (and separation between) its three tiers of architecture – the database layer, application server layer, and presentation/user access layer. The ability to delegate a degree of business logic and workflow to the presentation layer/tier allows for some processing to take place there, without the need to engage the application server. This reduction in server round trips means faster, ultra-responsive performance for the end user.

Stateless Web Application Design

Because so much of our business lies in providing Pivotal support, we are enthusiasts about the applications ‘economy’ as it relates to hardware resources. As a stateless web application, Pivotal 6 CRM uses network resources only when a request is made, freeing these same resources to process other requests more quickly, and enabling hardware sizing considerations to be made based on number of concurrent rather than actual users.

Client-Side Caching

Anyone experienced with the robustness of the Pivotal 6 CRM application is aware of the myriad of forms users can access to enable powerful customer relationship management. Pivotal CRM has been designed to cache these forms on the user’s computer so that they are instantly accessible when needed rather than having to be retrieved from a more distant location on the server.

Smart Client Speed

As a smart client application, Pivotal 6 CRM can take advantage of increasingly robust local hardware resources (e.g., CPU, hard drive, peripherals) to perform work at the local level, typically resulting in increased speed and responsiveness for the user, as compared with thin client applications.

And of course these elements only begin to scratch the surface of how Pivotal 6 CRM design drives both speed and performance. Providing Pivotal support and consulting across a range of industries, we also see other architecture decisions in the software that yield similar benefits, including middle-tier caching, ‘n-tier’ deployment of satellite servers, as well as indexing and full-text searching. For details on any of the benefits outlined here or other elements of Pivotal support, please contact a member of our Pivotal consulting team at [email protected].

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