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Upgrading to Pivotal 6.0 PCM: Business Benefits & ROI

By November 5, 2012March 6th, 2015No Comments

While there’s no question that Pivotal 6.0 CMS is an incredibly robust system with a long history of providing tremendous power and flexibility, we’re seeing extraordinary business benefits derive to our clients who upgrade to Pivotal 6.0 PCM, so we wanted to take a moment to clarify some of the specifics around its ROI.

First and foremost, Pivotal 6.0 PCM leaves behind the 14-year-old architecture of Pivotal 6.0 CRM for a platform designed for vastly better performance and greater speed and ease when it comes to R&D implementing new functionality and modules that clients can take advantage of immediately.

Part of what this means is that Pivotal 6.0 PCM already provides significant enhancements to a host of modules, allowing our clients to easily use code inherent in the system to configure their systems through ‘drag and drop’-type functionality rather than pay (and wait) for custom coding that is more costly in the near term and will become obsolete if and when they do decide to upgrade in the future. There seems little question that Pivotal R&D is focusing the bulk of its efforts and resources on future enhancements to Pivotal 6.0 PCM, so that’s where customers are going to see massive wins if they’ve made the decision to upgrade.

What we’re seeing in our own client base is this: upgrading to Pivotal 6.0 PCM provides immediate business benefits in terms of performance, functionality, and flexibility, but also means that future enhancements will require far less time and lower cost to achieve.

On a more granular level, another huge advantage for our clients who have upgraded to Pivotal 6.0 PCM is how well suited it is for today’s business requirements. It has an integrated iPad application accessible by mobile sales forces as well as Pivotal Thin Client. And for businesses that have any complexity in their territory management requirements, Pivotal 6.0 PCM fits like a glove, with its easy configuration, flexibility, and overall superior design. (We say this because of the rather stark contrast we see with our experiences making customizations to Territory Management in Pivotal 6.0 CRM, which can be difficult and cumbersome to work with, and often simply ill suited for today’s business demands, which often involve orchestrating complex territory management.)

We know that while every business is different, the bottom line for everyone is that technology choices are driven by the value they deliver to your business and their near and long-term ROI.

So if you’re thinking about whether upgrading to Pivotal 6.0 PCM is right for you, we invite you to contact us and have us assist in determining the type ROI you might expect from the move, based on the unique requirements of your business. You can contact a member of the Tokara team today either by phoning us at 1.877.330.1203 or by emailing [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!