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Pivotal 6.0: A Powerful Family of Application Modules

By October 19, 2012July 19th, 2022No Comments

As many of our readers already know, the greatest advantage of Pivotal CRM software can be its ability to handle the requirements of complex processes and foster continuous improvements that address your company’s exact business needs.

This allows organizations to establish and streamline complex sets of rules and processes that govern their customer relationships and create a competitive edge. Pivotal 6.0′s Territory Management application module takes this advantage one step further, but is only the most recent addition to a powerful and comprehensive family of Pivotal CRM modules that include:

  • Pivotal Sales Application
  • Pivotal Marketing Resource Management
  • Pivotal eMarketing Application
  • Pivotal Service Application
  • Pivotal eService Application
  • Pivotal Contact Center Application
  • Pivotal ePartner Application
  • Pivotal Application Workflow Module
  • Pivotal Document Management Application
  • Pivotal Social CRM Application

The bottom line is that Pivotal CRM modules continue to provide new ways to deliver the custom fit that enables you to capitalize on your unique business processes and create the customer experience you want for your organization. For further information or to request a demo of any of these Pivotal CRM modules, please contact Mark Fillingim at Tokara Solutions at +1 972.719.0213.

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