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Pivotal 6.0 Territory Management: What’s in It for You?

By October 11, 2012March 6th, 2015No Comments

The Pivotal 6.0 Territory Management Module enables organizations to implement complex territory rules in their Pivotal CRM system using intuitive and easy to understand configuration screens, and eliminates the need for coding or customizing the territory management rules. The module provides the following high level features:

  • Configure territory templates for any entity (table) in the Pivotal CRM system
  • Configure fields to be used as territory criteria
  • Configure tables to be used as territory criteria
  • Configure entities to inherit territory definitions from parent entities
  • Easily configure Pivotal CRM territories based on the created templates
  • Global Assign territories function
  • Global Re-Assign territories function
  • Easily identify over-lapping territories
  • Easily identify gaps not filled by territories
  • Named accounts
  • Automatic periodic territory assignment capabilities

There is an additional cost for Territory Management; however, the good news is that existing customers who are upgrading from CMS or Financial Services will not need to pay extra for this functionality as long as they are current on maintenance payments.

For further information or to request a demo of any of these modules, please contact Mark Fillingim at Tokara Solutions at +1 972.719.0213.

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