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Pivotal 6.0 PCM: The Power to Take Only What You Need

By October 5, 2012April 12th, 2023No Comments

Pivotal continues to offer robust application modules as part of their Pivotal 6.0 PCM strategy with the release of Pivotal Territory Management Module. As a refresher, PCM stands for Pivotal Contact Management which is the cornerstone to how Pivotal will be rolling out new functionality for 6.0.

Basically you start with PCM as the base application and then you install application modules like Territory Management on top of PCM. PCM replaces the legacy CMS applications which, rather than adding on functionality as modules, CMS bundled all the functionality like marketing, sales, and support into one big application.

The biggest advantage of the PCM model over the CMS model is that you cut down on how much customization you might need to do to Pivotal. With CMS, many customers spent a lot of time just turning off functionality they didn’t need. With PCM, customers can just add the functionality they need instead of turning it off.

For further information or to request a demo of any Pivotal 6 application modules, please contact Mark Fillingim at Tokara Solutions at +1 972.719.0213.