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Tokara Solutions: Putting ‘Relationship’ Back into CRM Consulting

By April 20, 2012April 12th, 2023No Comments

While the team at Tokara typically stays more than busy with client projects, we want to take a moment to speak to what drives us, what we encounter when dealing with customers, and how we intend to combine these factors to change the face of CRM consulting and marketing automation projects.

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the years, we know with certainty there’s a clear need in the market for honest, expert, and well-priced professional services for companies who’ve bought into the business value of CRM or marketing automation solutions but may struggle to get their systems implemented, tuned, customized, upgraded, supported.

Everywhere we go, we hear things like, ‘If only we could get our reports to work the way we want to …’ or ‘Our mobile solution isn’t meeting sales needs but we’re too slammed to troubleshoot it …’ or ‘We’re happy with the technology but now it’s time to customize it to fit our own business processes.’

So, we listened.

We’ve assembled a CRM consulting team of absolute experts, the best resources we know. We offer clients a simple value proposition – our expertise – together with project continuity, at a price that fits your budget and timeline. We’re different in that we only have experts on staff, and promise each client will enjoy continuity in project staffing throughout the duration of each project – so you don’t have to explain your needs over and over again, or spend valuable time updating a new team member on project status.

Our consultants are skilled and seasoned experts, with a minimum of 30 services projects apiece under their belts. All have gone through expert-level training on the applications they work on, so you benefit from their experience and training. Finally, our ultimate goal is to mentor you throughout the project so you’ll gain the skills and expertise you need to continue to manage your applications once we’ve gone. Whether you’re stuck on a report, or having trouble with a query and just need a quick answer, we’ve got the experts on stand-by to get you going quickly and accessibly – just contact our customer support group and you’re query will be routed to the first available expert. Or, if you’re looking for more comprehensive support, we can provide ongoing services through our Application Management Program for your business applications, from implementation and configuration to ongoing performance reviews, upgrades and day-to-day troubleshooting.

We’ve heard feedback from clients who’ve had services contracts with other vendors that they occasionally felt like they’ve being ‘nickel and dimed;’ every phone call, every email, and travel time all appear on the invoice. At Tokara, we simply don’t operate that way. We figure that the relationship is what matters, and if it takes four calls to settle a problem down or work through an issue, then four calls is what it’ll take. We want you pick up the phone and call us – the more we know, the more we communicate and the better the end result.

We hope to share customer successes and lessons learned in our blog, and also delve into some of the unique services that we offer. If you have any suggestions for blog topics that you’d like us to tackle, please share your comments! We look forward to building on our talents and expertise and ultimately, creating an even larger family of delighted customers and strong relationships.